What ever happened to Trolls?

I used to be an avid troll collector and I’ve noticed over the years that people don’t buy them anymore. They seem to be the “Major Craze” on everybody’s mind one moment and they are long forgotten the next. I have respectively around 400 trolls and I still love them. I was wondering if any was wondering why they aren’t popular any more like me and if they have an answer to why they are unpopular. Also I would like to know if anyone has a troll collection larger than mine.

Omega I have a collection of over 500+ beaniebabies and would like to trade them for troll dolls.

If this is not ok, I also have 8-track tapes to trade.

Please advise. :slight_smile:

Troll doll trends resurface every few years. My aunt has a collection from the 60s. They disappeared and then picked up again in the 70s, went into hibernation then picked up again in the late 80s (IIRC - when I was a teacher, they were everywhere in the classrooms, a distraction to the point where the principal had to forbid the kids from bringing them to school).

Troll dolls are a fad. Fads are cylical, like hulahoops.

Actually troll dolls (and hula hoops) are more like 17-year locusts. They’re just dormant for awhile, then suddenly the entire earth is covered in them, creating mass hysteria and panic.

Repeat fads (items like hulahoops and troll dolls that can sit dormant in a warehouse without a loss of recognition) are aimed at nostalgiacs like me (“Oooooh, I had one of these when I was a kid. I’m gonna buy one and relive my youth through my children.”) No kids here, but I do say “Ooooh, I had one of these when I was a kid. I’m going to buy one for my nieces/nephews/neighbor’s kids and relive my childhood through them.”

Then there are specialty fads like ALF dolls (remeber ALF, the TV show about the wise-cracking furry alien with the annoying “HAH!” catch phrase?): you’re not likely going to see a new ALF TV show or movie anytime soon, therefore no tie-in for marketing/remarketing the product, which is why the market (particularly for TV and movie tie-ins) is glutted for the short-term sale. Once the show is off the air or the movie flops, you are not likely to see that product again except at collector conventions and church bazaars.

I do not collect troll dolls, so your collection is much larger than mine.

I find, however, my collection of underbed dust bunnies has increased exponetially since I have spent quite a bit of time typing this post.

[sub]Okay, okay, I give up. I collect carousel animals (figurines, paintings, cards, and such).[/sub]

Maybe (if they’re cute enough) you could interest the producers of Big Comfy Couch to take them off your hands.

Oh, and

Then she has a collection from the second generation of trolls. (I think they first came out around 1958, just after the “Purple People Eater” figurines.)

Um… no offense to the collectors out there, but does anyone else find these trolls quite a bit scary and a little grotesque? I’m not so surprised that they’ve been sort of phased out, but I have to say, I never quite got the original appeal of them.
::ducks to avoid a barrage of flying troll dolls::