Do you still watch TV?

If so, how much per day?

Most of the people I know don’t watch much, if any, television. Among my friends, few even own a television set. We’re in our mid 20s, in California.

We do spend a lot of time on the internet.

I know this is an increasingly common trend, but what about for Dopers?

I still watch TV, although the internet now takes up a lot of time that used to be spent watching TV

If I watched any more, I would physically meld to it.

I watch the TeeVee constantly. There is always a TV on when I’m at home. Always. Except when I’m sleeping (and sometimes, even then). And despite that, I know nothing about anything that’s on TV. Nothing. I don’t follow any series on any networks. No sit-coms, no dramas, no singers I think suck anyway, no Nasty Housewives of Boise, Idaho, or whatever. I’m an inveterate surfer.

Mostly I watch sports and movies. And generally I kill the early evening surfing the Dope and watching reruns – Friends, How I Met Your Mother, an occasional MA*SH**. I’m leaning heavily toward ditching cable altogether and just going with Netflix and online programming.

We haven’t watched TV on the TV in years. I do watch a lot of stuff online (hulu and netflix).

Same here. No TV on the TV but I sometimes (not often) watch TV shows on Netflix. I just finished watching all the episodes Of “The Killing” which was an excellent crime drama. When I’m home its mostly the computer or reading.

Sports and a few select shows I DVR

I still haven’t gotten around to cancelling my cable service–mostly because visitors tend to like watching it–but I spend essentially zero hours watching stuff on a channel. I do however watch several shows via online sources (probably 2 hours a week on average). I’m 34. A 55" screen is still very nice for watching stuff, but the idea of “channels” is nonsense in this day and age.

Tossed my old CRT TV in the trash when I moved last year, though I had already stopped watching it years ago. I still watch some TV when I’m visiting my parents or happen to be somewhere with the TV on, but that amounts to only a few hours per month. If I feel like watching a TV show, I buy DVD boxes and watch them on my computer.

We still watch things on the TV, but we don’t have cable - it’s all via a media computer hooked up to the TV, or sometimes DVDs.

It’s hard for me to answer this question. Yes, the TV is on quite a bit, but it’s mostly tuned to Nick Jr. My toddler son has a lot of favorite shows and when he’s awake, he gets to choose what we watch. So if you include things like “Team Umizoomi” and “Dora the Explorer”, then yes I still watch TV. But I pretty much never get to watch anything I actually like.

I watch TV more when I’m with my wife and daughter - Laura and I like to crawl in bed and watch whatever is on, or catch up on DVR recordings. When I’m by myself I tend to turn the TV to ESPN and spend my time on my laptop, talking to you fine people. :slight_smile:


Oh, my, yes. Our DVR is almost full alread, and “Game of Thrones” starts back up this weekend (in case someone hasn’t noticed the stickies) to add to the fun.

(TV watchers - the first part of my response is a TV reference. Name it!)

Yes, plenty of it.
Top of my head:

I watch Justified, Archer, Awake, Daily Show, Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother, Through the Wormhole & Nova.
Laserkitty watches CSI, American Horror Story, Archer, Happy Endings, HIMYM, Hoarders (guilty pleasure).
Daughter (who is 5) watched Phineas & Ferb, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Through the Wormhole, & Nova.

My TiVo is generally about 50% full, and I clear stuff regularly.

We also Netflix stuff like Invader Zim, Portlandia, various movies.

Throughout the last year I’ve started using it less. I’ve not been actively ignoring it, I just spend almost all my free time on my PC. I would have been using it to watch Formula 1 but the BBC only has the right to show half the races this year. There’s nothing showing that demands I watch it live (like sport or Doctor Who) so I use the BBC iPlayer instead. The other free channels have online players too but never broadcast anything that interests me anyway. Along with Netflix and Lovefilm I have more than enough to entertain myself during those rare periods when I’m not playing a PC game.

I’ve been considering getting rid of my TV and buying a bigger monitor.

So, a couple of hours a week, at the moment.

Of course I do–I’m an old woman, and I still have a 1990s TV, with a 2000s VCR and a 2010s DVD player.

I even still read books that don’t need recharging!

Single? TV-watching has more of a potential to be a communal activity than web-surfing. I suspect people with families, or at least SOs, watch more TV than single people.

As for myself, I “watch TV”—approximately one show per day, on the average—but it’s mostly TV-on-DVD (though most often watched on a real, CRT-type television set).

Not much live TV anymore. It’s a minefield to navigate anyway.

I do source a lot of television from other sources. And then, if it’s a good show, I’ll pay that back, and alleviate my (rapidly decreasing) guilt, by getting the DVD.

Yes. I DVR several series.