Do you talk or text on your cell phone while the cashier is ringing up your purchases?

Im now working as a cashier, and I am amazed at how many people barely pay any attention while I’m scanning their items and accepting payment. Instead, they are on the cell or texting, and moving very slowly in the real world. It makes my job take longer, I often have to ask for payment two or three times, and sometimes I have to ask them to please move when the transaction is finished.

All in all, I don’t understand it. Isn’t it rude to ignore the real world? One person on line refused to start her transaction and, when the person behind her asked her to do so, screamed “You might be in a hurry, but I’m not.” Yes, dear, we are all supposed to stand here and wait while you finished your conversation.

Your views, please?

Sometimes kinda sorta.

I have the douchebag bluetooth in sometimes and when I’m on it I almost always halt the conversation and try to at least say “hi how are ya” to the cashier. I never buy that much at one time to merit being up there a while, so if I’m having a good conversation I might continue it.

Never really do texting cuz I’m not much of a texter truth be told

ETA: Just saw it was the poll and clicked other: Also when I was a cashier I didn’t notice it happening to me all the much in retrospect…

I voted Extremely Rude - and I once took my son to task for it when he was on the phone with me and in the process of getting some lunch from Subway - he won’t be doing THAT again.

It’s rude. If I’m in a line and get a call, I will tell caller that I will call them back in a few minutes.

I’m the other other vote and it’s basically the exact same reason.

I’m on the phone almost 100% of the time. If it wasn’t for multi tasking* I would never get anything done. However if it’s a business call that I need to participate in I dawdle in the aisles until a break. If it’s a personal call they’re accustomed to me saying “Hold on” while I communicate with the clerk, pay and pack up whatever I bought to get out of the way.

*yes yes I know multitasking is a myth but context switching isn’t as easily understood and damn it, it works for me.

If the cashier is doing something that doesn’t require my attention, like ringing up our entire weekly grocery shopping, I don’t see a problem talking/texting/playing flappy birds. But yes, the instant payment is required, you should get off the phone and attend to the real world.

Still not as bad as the harridans who wait until the entire purchase is rung up, THEN start digging through their overstuffed purses for their cash or debit card, like the concept of paying for their purchase caught them completely by surprise. Ten seconds after I’ve got the goods on the belt, I’m standing over the scanner, debit card in hand.

Not only do I do not do those things, if I happen to be listening to music I pause and take out at least one of my earphones, to show them they have my full attention.

I guess I’m just a crabby old man. I think it’s even rude to do it the way Sir T-Cups does it.

Plus I find it both annoying and mind boggling that people can’t seem to live in the moment any more. They always have to be somewhere they’re not.
I don’t get why is it so important to talk to Betty who is half way across town? Yet, if Betty were standing right there in front of you, all the sudden it’s really important that you now talk to Amy who is half way across town.:smack:

No, because I have my attention on how much I’m being charged. I can’t do that AND talk on the phone at the same time. I have been overcharged or double charged by stores too many times to risk not paying attention while I’m checking out. That’s why I voted OTHER.

Beyond rude.

Just how self important do they feel, that they’re so busy they cannot stop ‘multitasking’ to do normal, mundane, everyday interactions? There is no way they are either that busy or that essential, sorry to break it to you.

They should just own that they choose to conduct they’re business in public because they are a tad attention whorish, and perhaps a twitch douchebaggy, and want everyone to think they are important!

And if they aren’t any of those things? Then they should open their eyes and see that’s what they look like to the world. After you leave that’s what the people in line behind you call you, to the cashier and each other, just so you know.

Sorry, but I’m of the opinion treating people like they are invisible us beyond rude, and never excusable.

I just silence the ringer if I get a call while in line. It’s almost always the wife anyways.
She has an uncanny ability to call for one more item right at the time I start getting rung up.

Weird Al-Craigslist

I wouldn’t text. But I might answer a phone call. If for no other reason that I would be shocked that I got a phone call and it’s probably important (I get maybe one call a month).

It’s rude. The call or text can wait the couple minutes until the transaction is completed, and the checkout line has been exited.

When you’re at home or all by yourself you can be as inattentive as you want. But when you’re in the midst of society, you had best pay attention to what you’re doing.

I was once in line at a sandwich/deli shop during the lunch rush hour with a long line. Their system was like a lot of places where once you got to the counter you told the guy what you wanted then stayed in line and worked your way along the counter to the register at the end where you’d pay and your food which would be ready by that time.
D-Bag was so enraptured in his phone conversation that when the order taker asked him what he wanted he was on another planet. He asked him again and the guy was still zoned out. He shrugged, looked at the rest of us and asked the next person in line what they wanted. The customer just continued in the line flow till we got to the register. During the lunch hour this can be a 20 minute process if they’re busy. Then he hangs up and decides to join us back here on planet Earth and tries to give the cashier his order.
She just smiled, told him he needed to order back there and we all had a good laugh at his expense while he angrily left in a huff.

Yes I do, the text and or call is usually more important than the groceries or whatever. I do NOT slow up the line and always use a debit card well before the cashier has finished. I don’t need to be friendly or pass the time with you. Just ring the shit up and put it in a bag.

Wow. I’m a person. You know that, right?

ETA: I’m also a good cashier (read: fast). I can tell if you are crabby or in a hurry and I make sure you know that I take your time seriously, too. I’m not going to be chatty if you clearly don’t want it. But it’s not ok to not even acknowledge me with a (understandably) brief greeting and a thank you. It would be equally rude for a cashier to not acknowledge you and just wordlessly ring your shit up, give you a total and not thank you.

I wouldn’t say extremely rude, but it is quite rude. I don’t do it, mostly because if I get a phone call in a supermarket or similar I tend to just stop shopping until the call is over. If I’m buying food I’m generally looking for offers and planning meals as I go, so I can’t really talk on a phone as I shop. If I got a call while actually in the process of dealing with the cashier I would ignore it and call back afterwards.

Rude, rude, rudey-tooty rude.

Of course, I despise cell phones and txting anyway, so maybe it’s just another excuse for me not to use the damn things.