Do you think Corey Crawford is an elite NHL goalie?

I don’t. He’s an average NHL goalie, a bit more prone to hot and cold streaks, but he’s absolutely average. The Hawks will regret his contract. Crawford is partially to blame for the loss in the Western Conference finals. Chicago was smart to tell Niemi to go when he wanted a huge contract after the Cup win. That 6 million dollar a year cap hit for Crawford really doesn’t look good right now.

I don’t either. The Hawks have won because their offense is fantastic, not because of greatness at the goalie position.

I agree. Crawford is overrated. There were times two seasons ago when Ray Emery was the better goalie. The Blackhawks should not have signed Crawford to a long term contract.

It’s a funny question, because I have never heard anyone suggest he’s elite. He’s never been on an All-Star team, I don’t believe. How can you be overrated when you aren’t very highly rated?

Crawford is pretty good. Frankly, that’s worth something. Having a goalie who stays healthy and is pretty good is good enough to win a Stanley Cup.

Tonight is a frustrating night. Stars 5 Hawks 3. No blatant easy goals, but Crawford can’t stop anything.