Do you think one gender is more "addicted" to smartphones than the other?

My wife and I were discussing smartphone usage tonight and I made the observation that, from what I observe, women seem obsessed with their smartphone while in public – those that have them are always holding them, they look at them a lot more while walking, etc.

My wife thought the opposite – that, in her observations, it was men who did most of the smartphone holding, looking, etc. (Again, in public.)

What say you? Do you think there’s a difference in the amount of time spent on smartphones between gender? If so, why do you think this is?

From my observations, I think it’s pretty equal among adults. Among teenagers (I have one), I think the girls are far more into their phones than the boys.

I agree it’s bad with both sexes but, in my world, women easily take the cake when it comes to “smart phone addiction.”

Right now looking at all the mundane and joke texts on my phone. 6 our of 7 texts (from yesterday) are from women. Not that I complaining, I like jokes, but still.

About equal in my experience. In my circles, pretty much everyone who has a smart device of some sort has it out, regardless of setting, and regardless of gender. (And no, it’s not anti-social to do so IMO; often it’s to look up and share videos/photos with friends, or to include folks via social network or texting who couldn’t make it to the gathering in person.) It’s an adjunct to everyday life, not a replacement.

Also about 50/50 with people who are obliviously blocking an aisle in a store while texting, and so on. There appears to be some gender divide amongst my acquaintances regarding how they use social media, etc., but actual use of tech? If they got it, they use use it.

I haven’t noticed which gender is doing it more. I don’t own one, nor a cell phone. But I’ve noticed way too many people have thier heads burried in these things when out in public. I’ve had to pipe up with “HEADS UP” to avoid these techno-zombies from walking in to me a couple of times already.

Thanks Steve Jobs for the techno-zombies.

Pretty equal. Back when smartphones were newer, I might have leaned towards it being more common with men because they are more likely to be technology lovers, but now that they are mainstream, they got the influx of women who were more likely to be cellphone addicts in general.

Yeah, that’s based on some stereotypes. Women are generally chattier in my experience, while guys are more likely to want shiny new toys. It is not my intent to offend.

IMO it used to be that men were the phone junkies, especially around the Blackberry craze when businessman were glued to them.

Now, however, everyone has a smart phone, and all the most serious “smartphone junkies” I know are women. A co-worker of mine is truly constantly on her smartphone texting a friend from a previous job. Any time something (even minor) happens at work, she has to immediately text that friend about it, even before she discusses it in-person with people at work. My sister is almost that bad with a couple of her friends. Perhaps there is a female tendency towards connection/communication that can become an obsession when smartphones get involved? It’s essentially like being able to keep your friend in your pocket…

In my experience, it’s more females. Directly related (again, IMO) to females being more into Facebook and photographing events (which then leads to more Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, etc).

Younger women by a very significant margin in bars and nightclubs or just out socializing with their buds texting and photoing up a storm. Outside of that context it’s more equal.