woman carries cell phone in her cleavage--weird?

(no-this isnt a porn thread–just a reasonable observation.)

So I’m in a supermarket, and a woman walks by, talking into her cell phone. The conversation ends, and she just casually inserts the phone into her cleavage.
Just a simple automatic motion with her hand, apparently returning the phone to its regular carrying location, and doesn’t even slow down her stride. (The same way you might just slip your phone back into its belt clip while walking.)

Should I be embarrassed to have noticed this?

She was an average 30-ish woman. Wearing a simple top (maybe a T-shirt or a knitted pull-over type shirt), with a round neckline, a bit low, but that didn’t reveal cleavage. Her bustline may have been a bit fuller than average, but she was not dressed provocatively , or in a way that a guy like me would normally notice in a supermarket.

But there was something about her motions that caught my attention from a distance of 4 feet. She just casually inserted the phone so that about half of it was under the shirt, a bit towards one side, resting on her breast, and held in place, I guess, by the neckline of the shirt. As if that’s the most natural place to carry a cell phone.
Me , I use my pockets.

Be glad it wasn’t her lower cleavage. :eek:

I assume the phone was set on vibrate?

Oh man this reminds me of something.

I used to perform professionally (Indian classical dance - Kathak). I was at one performance, and getting dressed in the locker room, when in came an Auntie (any Indian woman is an Auntie). She goes in front of the full-length mirror, and looks at herself, and then suddenly starts fishing around in her ample bosom. All the while muttering, “I know I left it in here somewhere, where did it go, how did I lost it, oh there it is!” And pulls out a tube of lipstick.

My thought was
OMG she *lost * it. BWAHAHAHA!
Wouldn’t it melt?

Just an amusing anecdote. But I guess ladies really use that as a repository for stuff. I’m a lady and I don’t, FTR.

There’s an old joke about a lady at a party looking for her spare handkerchief. Caught with her hand in the cookie jar, she exclaims, “I KNOW I had two when I came!”

Similarly, I remember being kind of freaked out the first time I saw the War Stories episode of Firefly, when Niska hands Zoe Malcolm’s ear wrapped up in a handkerchief, and she casually tucks it into her bra. My wife pointed out that it’s actually a fairly natural place to tuck things.


Not severed ears!!!

I have had breasts for 35 years or so, and have never used them for storage.

EARS?! I always thought pockets were bad enough to carry those around.

Er. That makes me sound like I’ve done it.

When I got my cellphone, the guy told me not to keep the thing in a pocket. The moisture, he said, gets into the phone and that’s not good.

Another lost-in-the-dress joke:
An Englishman was dancing with his date when her string of pearls broke and spilled inside her dress. She demanded that he help to fish out the ones in the back. He had one arm halfway inside her dress when he noticed all the other dancers watching him. He blushed, and he said, “Oh, dear, I feel like the perfect ass.”

Without missing a beat, she said, “Never mind the compliments, just find the pearls!”

It really grossed me out when I worked (back in the day) as a cashier to have some ample-bosomed woman pull out a wad of sweaty bills to pay for something…

My mom had a little cloth change purse that she kept tucked in her cleavage when we went to the grocery store. She only started to do it when her paranoia kicked into overdrive. Just in time for me to start high school, wheee!

Mrs. Cheesesteak carries all manner of items in her bra. Wallet, Metrocard, flashlight, you never know what will come out of there.

When I was going through boot camp, we were required to keep our ID and any cash we had in a little purse on a chain around our necks, and tucked into our bras. It was a plastic purse. Boot camp was Orlando - in August. Oh yeah, that was pleasant…

Since then, my cleavage has been a no-storage zone.

Well, really! I should hope her breasts are one of them!

There’s a story on the news today about a woman who was arrested for stealing a Greenwing parrot and hiding it in her bra. Definitely weirder than a cellphone.

As a regular attendee of Renaissance faires, I go in garb. Which means no purse, really, although I do have belt pouches and sporran-type things. It’s much more convenient to store some things in my cleavage than in my belt pouch, and the habit has carried over a bit from faire to reality, so no, it’s not unusual for my cleavage to ring.

It’s not entirely a faire habit, though, because I’ve stuck my cigarette pack into my bra strap since I was a teenager.

I put all sorts of things in there… Including my cel phone. Funny thing is, I’m large-breasted, so one would think that there’d be less room for objects, but there seems to be lots of room to tuck things between the boobs. Bic lighters, a small scrunchy, extra tissue, my cel phone, money. I try to not do this so much now that I’m a ‘grown up’, but really, I tuck stuff in there a lot.

I would not put money in there, and then pull it out in front of a cashier and use it in a public place. (I pull the money out ahead of time, heh.)

Once when I was younger, I swear I tucked five dollars in my bra and pulled out ten later.

I’ve been squirreling stuff away between the bosoms ever since, hoping for a repeat of the miracle.

Cool, Savannah has magic boobs.

I have never considered storing anything in my bosom, but if I did, I just know I’d have to ask someone else to get it out.

Yep, I tuck stuff in there all the time, too. I’ve been known, when wearing a dress or skirt or any kind of clothing that doesn’t have pockets, and I don’t have my purse, to withdraw money from the bank, and tuck it away in there. It’s not like they’re dirty or anything. It’s a good place to keep little things. I figure if I’m built in a convenient way, I may as well take advantage of it.

I, generally, find the practice very tacky- there is no reason you should be fishing through your cleavage in public. I mean, how often do you see men using their sack as a place to keep their cellphones? (Ok, I may not want to know the answer to that. . .).

The only time I ever stick something in my bra is if I am going to a theme park. I am always paranoid that my wallet/money is going to fall out of my bag, so I stick half of my cash (wrapped up in some kleenex or something so it doesn’t get gross) in my bra. When I go to the park, I generally try to wear bras that have that little pocket for an insert, so I can stick it in there if need be (that way nothing is getting overly sweaty nasty).

I would never, ever, ever, EVER pull my money out of my bra in public. Totally inappropriate. I go into the bathroom and into a stall- that way I am not fishing through my boobiefiedgoodnes while the world is watching.

And it is not that I am anti boob or anything of that nature. I adore my ample busom, but there is a time and a place for everything.