Do you think Sleepy Hollow is wacky?

I love Sleepy Hollow. It’s such a great little show and I’m glad I started watching it on a whim at the start of the TV season. I actually planned to skip it altogether because it sounded stupid. But Ichabod is a hoot and I actually really like all the main characters and the recurring ones (John Cho for life! Oh, wait…).

But every article I’ve read about the show wants to play up the wackiness and the craziness of the plot. But I’m not seeing it. The X-Files vibe is there, but Ichabod is just a time traveler, that’s not all that weird and demons have been done before as has mis-matched buddy cop hijinks. “The Odd Couple” is a cliche for a reason.

So what say you?

It’s whacktacular!

I’m not a regular viewer, but I kinda like what I’ve seen so far, though I could live without the repeated scenes of the use and subsequent explanation of contemporary slang.

It is generally fun to watch, but the British Army being in league with Evile Powers is a bit much to suspend disbelief in. :slight_smile:

I started to watch this show fully expecting it to be comedy gold.
That said, this show is better written than I thought it would be. Despite their screw ups like “Book of Revelations”.