Do you think this seems good value for money?

Do you think that this, considering that it is at the moment confined to one city seem good value for money for a 1Gbps internet connection?

Why do we often get such a raw deal when it comes to broadband and other pieces of technology? :smack:

Surely it depends on what country you’re from? I pay 25 euro a month for 50mb broadband with unlimited download cap. Personally I consider that a better deal than the deals listed despite the faster throughput.

Well, quite frankly, I am extremely jealous about it! :frowning:

In fairness, I live in a small country, I imagine it’s cheaper to set up the necessary network infrastructure with a more concentrated population.

I imagine you’re in the US which is a huge country with a very low population density?


I would have thought that the US would be a world leader in fibre to the home broadband. :frowning:

I don’t think the US has been the world leader in any infrastructure for many,many years.

Nonsense! The U.S. has the best spy networks in the world.

As to the website, note the ISP keeps using the word “upto”–do you realize what that means?

I personally am paying about $70/month for a 5 Meg connection.

Although I am envious of those who live in areas where they can get inexpensive (in comparison to me) high speed Internet, I think it really does depend on your usage. To be honest, I have the cheapest package from rip-off Cox Communication, but I have no problems doing what I do (no games or music downloads) and have a great wireless connection to Netflix, so I guess I really don’t need any huge download package.

Then again, it still pisses me off that if I did want more, I would have to pay a huge monthly fee and it still wouldn’t be nearly as good as what others are getting for a fraction of the price.

I pay about CA$70/month for 14Mbps and a 125Gb cap. I got to 98% in January, it’s the closest I have ever come.

I think it’s probably a little pricey, but it’s super stable and my only large entertainment expense. I don’t think my Netflix subscription counts as “large”.

I have friends in town who use different providers and complain about outages. I have had one in the six and a half years I have lived here.