Poll: How fast is your internet?

There have been some threads in the past where we share our internet speeds (e.g. February 2004, April 2008) and I’m interested to find out how things have changed for Dopers since then.

For the poll please use your actual measured speed as tested by e.g. speedtest.net, but if you want to make a post I’m also interested to hear about your advertised speed and what ISP/kind of connection.

  • < 1 Mbps
  • 1–10 Mbps
  • 10–100 Mbps
  • 100 Mbps – 1 Gbps
  • > 1 Gbps

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Down 10.4 Mbps, up 11.8. We subscribed for 6M in 2013, but I think it’s since been automatically upgraded to 16.

I’ll start off by answering my own question! I’m getting about 930 Mbps on a fibre line which is advertised as 1 Gbps. (Vumatel in Cape Town, South Africa.)

58 Mb/s down & 11 Mb/s up

Up 11, Down 16. Does it matter that there are three computers sharing this? I know we have had two simultaneous zoom sessions.

920 Mbps down, 42 up. 9 ms ping.

I wish I had fiber with a symmetrical connection. Working from home has increased the importance of upload speed. Download speeds are solid, though. Comcast.

There no service where I live except cellular, and that’s not great. I have a MoFi unit and a booster in the house, we are on AT&T which is only very marginally better than Verizon here at the house. Average speed is 2-4, with the occasional burst to 12 or 13 in the middle of the working day when no-one is really using it. This is rural SC, so most people don’t/can’t WFH here.

Just checked, and currently at 7:52 on a Sunday morning I get 10.74 download and 14.83 upload.

Woo-hoo. :expressionless:

Download 61 Mbps, Upload 19 Mbps, ping 13 ms. That is currently in Brussels, in Berlin it is much faster, but never the 1 Gbps they promised.

On a good day I get about 3 Mbps down and .3 up. It’s advertised as 5 Mbps down and I suppose it MIGHT come close to that on rare occasions. But frequently it will drop to less than .75 down. Sometimes it’s so slow that I can’t even run a speed test. FWIW, I’m in a very rural area on DSL. Good news is that the telco just ran fiber all over the area. No idea when they are going to make it live. It will be interesting to see what happens when they do. I’m also gonna bet they’ll jack up my rates. Right now I’m paying $55/month.

35 Mbps down about 4 up. That’s actually doable because I just remote into my work computer which has about a gig. The problem is my 650 ms ping. Many of my key strokes or mouse clicks go twice since I can’t tell if it went through and click again. That’s because I’m on a satellite. It’s my only choice. I’ll be one of the first to sign up for StarLink, but need to see how that pans out.

13 down, 0.6 up.

133 Down / 18 Up


Verizon Hotspot with unlimited data on my phone. 61 down and 1.5 up. Use about 200 GB a month.

Shortly after 11 AM on a Sunday morning: down 2.88 upload 0.52.

Which is actually better than usual; generally I get more like 1 down.

That’s the Frontier DSL. Verizon hotspot on the phone isn’t usually significantly better at this location, but sometimes one works when the other’s down.

13.35 down, 0.82 up.

supposedly 200mbps. but when you factor in wifi and vpns it’s much slower in practice.

Down 432, up 245. I have no idea what this means.

Inside my network (Comcast): 130 MB dowload / 24 MB upload.
Outside my network: 155 MB download / 24 MB upload.

700 Mbps down, 25 Mbps up.

I think that’s actually a little faster than what’s advertised. We went with unlimited data (since we were constantly spending the last couple days of each month watching the 1TB cap) but not 1 Gbps speed and the next tier down was 500 Mbps

46.5 Mbps down, 18.09 up.
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
The ISP is iPrimus, the connection is Fiber To The Node - basically, fiber optic cable to a nearby-ish node (750m for me), then the old copper network the rest of the way. Part of the (crippled) National Broadband Network in Australia. I’m still too annoyed about that to speak without cursing…