How fast is your internet connection?

I just want to see what speeds are available and what everyone is getting from their ISPs (internet service providers.)

Try to name your service, location and how much you pay if possible.

I’m using Optimum Triple Play from Cablevision. It’s $29.95 a month and I get an average of 10Mb for downloads and 1.5Mb for uploads. They promise 15mb, but I know speeds can slow down if there are a lot of users in my neighborhood.

You can test your speed here.

Use Cox cable broadband in AZ. Just checked and download is 8250 kpbs (that’s kilobits per second.

Cavalier Telephone DSL. DL speed is 3087 kbps; UL speed is 439 kbps.

I’m on Comcast cable. The first test says 4511 kb/s down and 1175 kb/s up, to the test server in Miami. To Parsippany, NJ it’s 2234 up and 1016 down. To Los Angeles, it’s 3938 up and 853 down. On the LA test, a legend appeared, saying “Warning: ISP upload compression was detected. Your results may be inaccurate.”

I don’t understand what any of it means, though.

If I did the test thing right, it looks like mine (I have Surewest) is 9370 Kbps for download and 8948 Kbps for upload. That is to/from Los Angeles. To/From Miami, it is 5818 and 3001.

Using Everest in Kansas City, I get 7536 down and 372 up. Officially, the package is 5Mbps down, 384 kbps up. The only thing I don’t like is that all their uploads are capped at 384. I hope they’ll be upgrading that soon.

And by the way: Cable, internet and telephone for $30/month!? My “triple play” package from Everest is $120/month! But I do have an actual POTS line instead of VoIP.

I get 11,652 kb/s for download and 1,764 kb/s for upload which sounds pretty good. This is in a semi-rural area and I used to get a third of that until my cable modem stopped working and they sent a technician out to give me a new one. The massive spreed increase was incredible.

This is through Comcast cable Massachusetts.

And I thought I was fast!

I’m on Rogers Cable in Toronto; I recently got an email saying they were bumping my download speed to 7 megabits per second; upload is still around 380 kilobits per second. Connected to Broadstar in the DSL Reports test, I was getting 6490 kilobits per second down, and 416 kilobits per second up. Other servers were slower.

I’m rockin’ along as usual, 26.4 kbps on my Earthlink dialup modem. We’re looking into satellite service, so we can visit youtube and do other stuff like all the cool kids are doing these days.

22,301 Kb/s down, 387 Kb/s up. Zoom!

24438 kbps up, 827 kbps down.

lets see, test 1 7260 down and 560 up; second test netted a down speed of 7968 and up speed of 533. All results are kbps.

Meh. 4699 Kb/s down, 362 Kb/s up. I get by.

I recently signed up with my new apartment complex broadband with promised speeds of 1.5 mps down, 512 kbs up. Last night I ran a test because it seemed a little slow - 72 kbs DOWN. Yeah, screw that. I’m going Comcast.

What service do you guys have?

Lucky! I only get 18.6 on my Earthlink dial-up!

My condolences! I remember when…

Actually, I do remember way back when got my first (external) modem at work, with a blinding 300 baud. :smiley:

10,303kbps down, 705kbps up on Comcast, for $42.95/month.

Those 20,000+ kbps connections are probably fiber or at-work connections.

I have Sprint Mobile Broadband at about 700 kbps. Sucks but better than dial-up or satellite, which are my only other alternatives.

8816 kbs down
1265 kbs up
Also Optimum Online. I wonder what it was when I had Time Warner.