Test your internet speed.

I just thought I’d offer you this cool speed test page from my ISP…

Speed Test

At work I get 240.6 K bytes/sec (1963.4 Kbps). At home it’s about 50. (570kbps roughly. IANA home so haven’t got exact figures)

What’s your speed (if you are not too embarrased by it)

That’s from home on Comcast cable.

Your line speed is:
1997.1 Kbps
244.7 K bytes/sec

Smokin’ fast :cool:

Not that it makes this board any faster :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s from home on Comcast cable.

Something’s wrong there. DSL is incapable of those speeds.

What is the maximum speed of ADSL? Yahoo! BB in Japan offers ADSL at up to 26Mbps (depending on how far you are from the nearest switch). The poster above got effective 51Mbps. Is the ADSL maximum somehwere between 26 - 51 Mbps?

Your line speed is:
2089.1 Kbps
256 K bytes/sec

Comcast cable ( formerly AT&T formerly TCI formerly who knows) here as well.

It’s not even that high. I don’t know where you got your figures, but they’re way off:

From [url=http://www.dslreports.com/information/kb/maximum+DSL+speeds]here[.url].

26Mbs? That’s news to me.


That’ll teach me not to preview :wink:

Thanks Q.E.D.

Here’s the link to Yahoo! BB in Japan. It also seems like my information is outdated, the fastest ADSL speed offered by Yahoo! BB Japan is now 45Mbps.


Unfortunately, I can’t read Japanese. That 45M could mean nearly anything. Can anyone confirm what it says?

Damn. Must have better wires out there, or something. Fiber optics perhaps?

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I think cable is shared? Well, no one else in Hooterville seems to be sharing my cable right now. (I think it gets faster than this, though.) Very nice.

Q.E.D, one of the graphics in the link does say “45 Mbps”.

Maybe we’re dealing with different definitions of “DSL”.

To my knowledge, in the U.S., DSL only refers to copper telco wiring.

2358.4 Kbps
289 K bytes/sec

Cable through Cox Communictions

To the best of my knowledge, Japan uses your regular twisted copper pair wires. They also have ISDN and cable of course, but they don’t/can’t provide ADSL internet services on those mediums** . Cable Internet is also available in Japan, and is probably ranked (a distant) 2nd insofar as popularity is concerned.

Personally, I am subscribed to the cheapest Yahoo! BB service (8Mbps). Unfortunately, living where I live, I am only getting about 1.2Mbps. If you were to go to www.dslreports.com and view the linespeed test results for people on the bb.yahoo.co.jp domain, you will see that people closer to Tokyo have a linespeed closer to the advertised speed, with the linespeed dropping the further you go.
**Actually, just recently, they are now offering ADSL on ISDN…not sure how it is actually done, but I have seen advertisements for it.

882.2 Kbps
108.1 K bytes/sec

I’m at work, sharing a connection with 700 of my closest friends. It’s past 3pm on Friday afternoon here, so I imagine everyone’s busily browsing instead of working. Like me. :smiley: