Do you tip for a bikini wax like you would for a hair cut or is it a service ...

I have never tipped someone for a massage because it is a per hour kinda thing. Hair cuts though you tip. So I am going for a bikini wax and have no clue if I should or should not tip the lady. I really don’t want to make someone mad who is ripping hair out of my body. Please help!

Well, luckily, she won’t get mad until after she’s done.

And no, I don’t know the answer.

I believe that it’s customary to tip everyone in a salon that pretty much ‘touches’ your body:

Shampoo person
Nail tech


and yes, the massage person,too. (unless you specifically knew them and worked something out, it matters not if it was a by-the hour-job).

well when I went to pay and asked if I should use debit card or check, he said pay for the service wtih a debit and the tip with the check. so yes, I did tip. $40 to pull my hair out for twenty minutes and then a $15 thank you