Do You Tip The Pizza Driver?

Do you tip the Pizza guy that delivers your pizza? IF so, how much? I think these guys get like $7 or $8 an hour. Do they really need a tip for doing their job?

I tip all service industry individuals. Delivery people, barbers, wait staff. The key in your post is “I think”. Until you know what these guys make, don’t be a dick. If you can’t afford a tip, you can’t afford the pizza.

Yes, I tip the delivery guy. Absolutely. I don’t think they make that much, but I don’t have any more of a cite than you do :D.

I order from the same places all the time, and I have noticed that the first couple of times I order at a new place, the pizza gets there colder than it does after I order (and tip) regularly.

Absoloutely. My personal minimum, no matter what the order, is $4.00. If we place an unbelievably big order (parties, etc.) I’ve tipped as much as $10.

Oh, you asked how much. Generally 2 or 3 dollars.

I tip anyone who delivers food to me while I sit my fat ass on the couch and watch television, too lazy to cook for myself.

We had a wicked rainstorm last year here in Chicago, drenching, flooding, terrible, and the guy delivered our Chinese food in TWENTY MINUTES. I don’t care what he makes per hour, he deserved an extra $3 that night.

Yesterday I ordered pizza for an office meeting. The total came to $35. I tipped the driver $5. My boss kinda scowled that I tipped so much.

I tip my driver at home but only like $2 or $3 bucks.

Yes. I ususally tip a dollar or three. What I do is round my check amount up to a whole-dollar figure.

And no, here in Mississippi they don’t make $7 to $8 per hour; they make minimum wage, currently $5.15. Add to that the fact that they use their own vehicle, you are not having to pay $0.35 per mile - they are paying that out of their own pocket (in wear & tear plus gasoline).

So, yeah, they should be tipped.

Yes, I tip, although not as much as I would at a restaurant (at least 20 percent) where we get service all through the meal. I usually tip somewhere between 10 and 15 percent, but if the weather is bad or if it’s almost closing time (because I know how much that sucks), I give a bigger tip.

I also have noticed that being a good tipper at your regular places gets you better service, whether you dine in or get delivery.

And I heartily agree with Munch: if you can’t afford the tip, you can’t afford to eat out.

Former pizza-delivery employee here. Can it be that I’m the first one?

It’s been well over a dozen years or so, but back then, the drivers were paid thus:

a) Minimum wage (not 1/2 min. wage like waiters), plus
b) Mileage stipend ($.10/mile? I forget), plus
c) Tips from customers

Missy2U, unless you live on one of the coasts or in Hawaii, you may be the most generous pizza-delivery tipper in the U.S.A. I know pizza prices have gone up over the last decade or so, but back in the day, a 4 tip was pretty impressive. .50 - $2.00 was the norm.

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I usually tip 4. I'll tip less if the delivery person makes me go downstairs to meet him/her instead of bringing it up to the apartment door. I stiffed one delivery person a tip because I ordered pizza on a rainy day and he called from his cell phone to say my pizza was downstairs and to come out to his car and get it. So sorry, no tip for that *(&%#!

My tip is usually around four dollars, too. We’ve gotten a reputation as good tippers, so our pizzas arrive very quickly, often so hot we can’t eat them for a while.

Good tippers get better service. Hubby and I always tip very well, and the way we’re treated shows how much it’s appreciated.

I always tip, usually some figure that makes the final total a roundish number.

We don’t have anyone who will deliver at home, but it’s true at a restaurant. We get excellent service at the few restaurants we regularly patronize. We’re generous tippers if the service is good.


Isabelle said, "Yesterday I ordered pizza for an office meeting. The total came to $35. I tipped the driver $5. My boss kinda scowled that I tipped so much. "

Your boss is a cheapskate. A tightwad. A jerk. The tip should have been $7.


I ordered a pizza last week and my total came to $16.20. I always round up to the next dollar amount then add a buck or two.

So, in this case I wrote a check for $19.00 even.

If it is really cold or raining hard I add an extra buck.

If it is on a football game day or a time I know they are swamped I will add an extra buck or two.

Mrs. Uvula and I usually tip four or five bucks for delivered food of any kind. Lissa has a good point about good tippers getting better service - that’s reflected in how we’re treated both by the delivery guys we deal with and in restaurants where we’re regulars.

At least a couple bucks on a pizza, if there’s more to the order maybe another dollar or two.

I usually tip about $4, plus whatever change makes it come out to an even amount–if the order is $15.50, I usually just pay with a twenty and don’t ask for change. I tip extra when the weather is bad or near closing time.

Good tippers definitely get better service–one of my favorite pizza joints shrank their delivery area enough that I’m just outside of it, but they still deliver to me. Of course, it helps that I only call them during their slack times; I wouldn’t ask them to go out of their way when they’re really busy.

This I will disagree with. As someone else mentioned, I tip much less than the 20% that I would give to a waiter in a restaurant who takes care of me through the whole meal. For the pizza (or Chinese food) guy, I give 10%, rounded to the nearest .50. If the driver has to do something extraordinary, such as travel in bad weather or carry a large order (for a party), I will increase accordingly.

In Ireland we don’t really have a tipping culture like the US but I tip delivery people.

I just give them €1 + round up the change to a even €.

order= €10.40 the delivery person gets €1.60
order= €10.00 the delivery person gets €1


Really bad weather or I’ve just had sex etc. they get more :wink: