Do you use home air freshener(s)?

Watching a commercial last night, I wondered yet again whether I, and members of my family, are the only ones who can function without air fresheners in our homes. Admittedly, I have no pets, no one smokes and I have been known to light scented candles on occassion. But some of the commercials seem to suggest that the only way for some people to survive is with an air freshener in every room, preferrably the new kind with a Fan.

So this is my question do you use air fresheners? And if so, what kind/type/scent/how many/how much money per month/etc. do you use?

I’ve seen those commercials, and I can’t help but wonder if I’m the only one who wouldn’t want to SEE the crap I’d been inhaling. (Reminds me of driving behind a bus, who pulls into traffic and emits smog which is immediately inhaled by everyone within a 50 mile radius.)

No, I don’t use air freshners, although I occassionally like to burn incense. Personally, I find that by emptying trashcans, washing dishes and floors and by vacuuming, it’s amazing what odors can be eliminated. Oh, and if the room is “stuffy”? I open a window. Duh.

Besides, I have better things on which to waste my money.

I never use air fresheners. I would much rather my house smell clean, or have no smell, than to stink of some air freshener. Also, IIRC, most air fresheners do not remove smells, they only cover up the smell, or desensitize your nose so that you do not smell anything at all. I really do not want any additional pollutants in my house, and that is how I view air fresheners, as just some other chemical pollutant that I would rather not be inhaling.

I use Glade Plug-Ins with French Vanilla or Spiced Apple scent.

When I come home in the evening, the first thing I notice when opening the door is that the house smells wonderful. I’ve actually gotten compliments on it, especially when using the Spiced Apple.

Every house naturally has a “smell”. Not necessarily a bad one, mind you, but I’m sure you’ve noticed the scents of your friends’ or family’s homes. Cooking odors can also linger, and I prefer the firts “whiff” of my home to be a pleasant one for my guests. I think it just gives a better initial impression.

Don’t use air fresheners, but I live in a 150 year old house with field stone foundations and it occasionally generates inexplicable musty odors, quite possibly due to the widdling or passing on of some unseen rodent in the attic or cellar. So I’ve been known to light up a Yankee candle, particularly in the winter when opening windows is not a possibility.

They make air fresheners with fans now? Is there no end to the disposable crap manufacturers will foist upon us?

I must admit, though, to having bought one of those gel thingies and a tub of Shake ‘n’ Vac last week, as after having shampooed the carpet the longe had developed some nasty mustiness. That is the first time I’ve ever bought air freshener though.

Same here. I think chemical air freshners are nasty smelling. The most I’ll do is briefly light a candle in the bathroom if necessary. I’d rather have the house clean than be artificially covering up smells. I feel the same way about Febreeze. Ick. Everytime I see the commercials of the woman rolling around on the couch where her stinky husband and dog were just sitting, I’m completely grossed out. It’s still not CLEAN, you just can’t smell it, stupid commercial woman!

In general, any artificial scent, be it air freshener or perfume, seems harsh and chemical to me. So no, I don’t use air fresheners. When I moved into my apartment, though, the carpet was new and something had been spilled on it and removed with a pretty harsh chemical (that changed the carpet’s color, where it had been used). The smell was strong and I needed to live with the windows closed, so I bought a can of shake-n-vac that claimed to absorb odors, not just cover them. It really did help the carpet.

I use plug-in air fresheners, but if I forget to buy a refill, then we go without until I remember. It’s not an essential. I started using them because I went to visit a friend and was really impressed by the scent. After I began using them at home I realised that you can only smell them if you’ve been out for a while or if you get really close to them because your nose tends to tune out familiar smells.

I never use the things. I dislike smelly stuff; in fact I can’t even take scented candles. I bought one once–just opening it in the room got overpowering in a few minutes. I lit it one time when we had to dispose of some really awful stuff down the sink, but otherwise it sits in the closet, unused. I could never tolerate air-fresheners.

I like open windows. If it isn’t too hot, I’ll have every window open as much as possible. I’m a fresh-air fiend (so it’s a good thing that I live someplace with nice fresh air!).

I don’t think I know too many people who use them, though. Maybe in the bathroom, or some scented candles, but otherwise I don’t see much of them.

We do not. I’ve terrible allergies, and I’m hypersensitive to strong scents. I clean my house often enough – nearly every day – that it smells just fine.

I don’t use those air fresheners. If my carpet seems musty, I’ll shake some baking soda on it and vacuum a few hours later. I have zeolite I use in musty areas (under-sink cabinets, etc). As mentioned earlier, taking out the trash and cleaning help a lot in air freshening. I can’t understand how anyone can stand the smell of those artificial air fresheners. I can’t even stand scented candles. I will use a bit of essential oil occasionally.

I’m very particular about the way my apartment smells, and since it’s kinda small and I have a cat and a kid I use plug-ins. I really enjoy the scent, and it’s not overpowering. People always comment how nice my apartment smells.

I also like scented candles. There’s nothing like a cool evening with the sliding door open and some vanilla candles lit. Mmm.

I recently saw the commercial for the air freshener fans as well. What they won’t think of next!

Whenever I see air freshener commercials, I always wonder why people don’t just clean their house better if it smells bad. I never really considered that some people might actually like their house to smell like a particular scent as opposed to no real scent at all.

Needless to say, I don’t use these products, although around the holidays I am fond of cinnamon scented candles.

I have a Lampe Berger and a few nice scented oils for it. I like the lavender one. I used to love the Crabtree and Evelyn scent Aberdeen Heather. I’m still pissed off that it isn’t made, after 12 years.

I always figure it’s the clean freaks who like air fresheners. We’re the same ones who stand in the cleaning supply aisle and inhale while everyone else is sneezing.

Like someone said before, everyone’s home has a scent. Regardless of air freshener usage or not, it’s going to smell like something. Might as well be “fresh linen,” but personally I think they should make an air freshener that is scented like bleach. Oh yes, I would love nothing more than a bleachy smelling house on days that I don’t clean. :smiley:

Air fresheners make my head hurt, so the answer is definitely “No” for us. I might reconsider if they came up with “New Car” scent for the home. On second thought, that might freak my olfactory processing center completely out. :slight_smile:


No air fresheners here, not because I don’t like the smells (I stand in the cleaners aisle of the store and breathe for several minutes as a calming thing). I just prefer the scent of nothing but cleanliness around the house, and I don’t want to smell anything except food that I’ve cooked.

I use baking soda on my carpets, baking soda, vinegar and charcoal to absorb odors and moisture. I shampoo my carpets four times a year, using a lightly scented cleaner. I have my drapes cleaned twice a year. I regularly baking soda my upholstered furniture then vacuum it. The dog gets his paws cleaned after his long daily walk and is bathed once a week.

The only thing I might do is boil some fragrant spiced water on the stove if I’ve cooked something heavily garlicky or oniony and I’m having company over after dinner and I’m not baking some dessert item or bread for the next day. Cinnamon, cloves, allspice and nutmeg in some water (or a bit of apple juice) brought to a boil then left to simmer on a low temp counteracts spicy food smells quite nicely.

I do and so would you if you smelt my son’s feet when he takes of his shoes. The smell of arse-feet lingers.

We just moved into a new place, have the ferrets in a poorly ventilated room, and started to use a plug-in air freshener.

Freakiest thing: it smells just like CK One. I keep thinking my wife is in the next room, but it’s just the plug-in.