Do you use utensils when eating pizza?

I am surprised at the amount of people who use a knife and fork to eat pizza. Pizza was always a hand-to-mouth meal when I was growing up.

Occasionally we have a pizza lunch at work and people are using utensils. It boggles the mind. Do you use utensils for a cheeseburger?

How about you?

If the pizza is so large, thick, soggy, or otherwise unwieldy that it’s easier to eat with utensils, I will do so. Occasionally I will start with a knife and fork on the point, and continue by hand once the remaining piece has sufficient structural integrity.

…then I don’t eat it.

I will for to eat chicago pizza. You just can’t eat those suckers without cutlery. Otherwise it’s a slice in one hand and a beer in the other.

I have since living in Thailand. Eating pizza with one’s hands is just further proof to Thais of how uncouth Westerners are. It’s just not worth putting up with the weird looks, giggles and pointing.

Sometimes I do. When the pizza is too big and sloppy to pick up.

As others have said, if it’s too sloppy I’ll use a fork.

If it’s hard to eat (leftovers usually) I will use a knife to cut it into manageable pieces, but the idea of putting pizza into my mouth using anything other than my fingers repulses me. Why would you?

I agree that for Chicago-style pizza it’s okay and often necessary to use a knife and fork. Most other times, no way. Especially not the New York style pizza we get at the local places around here. Bend that slice in half and chow down.

If it’s a loosely packed pizza, with toppings precariously balanced, and I’m in a restaurant, then yes. If I’m at home or it’s all safely secured by cheese, it’s fingers only.

For a deep dish pizza I might but I answered “no” because it’s a rarity that I eat deep dish pizza.

This, but with one caveat: the pizza may be thin, and with “sliding cheese” so I eat the thinner portion of the slice (usually 2 cuts) until able to be lifted. This, only if the “lift and support slice with other hand” method does not prevent slideage.

I generally don’t, but for a large pizza slice, I use a fork to keep it from drooping for the first few bites. No knife, though.

Never. I don’t eat Chicago thick as a rule, and as mentioned above, if the pizza is too sloppy/messy/soggy I won’t eat it at all.

Life is too short to eat sub-standard pizza. Grimaldi’s rules!

I will at work if I’m worried some sauce or topping might spill on my clothes. At home I’m a fan of using a fork to eat the toppings off first, then eating the rest by hand. Just a little personal quirk.

Depends. For most American-style pizzas, no knife and fork. For styles like Neapolitan, where the center is often quite floppy- to-soupy, or for thicker styles like stuffed pizza or single-crust deep dish, yes to knife and fork.

I eat pizza folded in half. The fold keeps the point from drooping, while also providing a river for excess oil to slide down onto the plate.
I’ve only had Chicago style pizza once in my life, but I still ate it with my hands out of habit. Once you start using a fork, it turns into a pizza casserole.

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It depends on the firmness of the crust, the amount of toppings and how hot the pizza is.

If the pizza is really hot, fork and knife absolutely. Otherwise, no.
I don’t understand the reluctance, by some, to include the use of utensils with pizza. There is no shame in it. Tools are quite useful, and pat on the back, people, for inventing them.

There is no right or wrong way to eat stuff.

And yes, sometimes I will use utensils with a cheeseburger, if it’s humongous and sloppy and I’m out in public. I’d rather look stiff and “proper” than make a giant mess on myself.