Males vs Females: Do you eat pizza with a fork and a knife, or with your hands?

This is a poll to see whether or not women are more likely to use a fork and a knife while eating pizza.

Only very messy, sloppy pizzas get a fork and knife. I haven’t had a pizza messy enough for that in at least a year or two.

EDIT: I’m male in case the “Lord” in my username wasn’t a giveaway.

I voted knife and fork, but it really depends on the place. The place where I went last night has slices the size of an aircraft carrier, so it’s just easier that way.

With my hands unless I just baked a frozen pizza and it’s too hot to hold.

Unless for some reason the pizza wants to come apart as you pick it up, it’s hands only.

It has nothing to do with gender. If you eat pizza with a knife and fork you are a communist.

Or even worse, you are Donald Trump.

It depends on the firmness of the crust, the amount of toppings and how hot the pizza is.

Most often we have frozen pizzas at home (Delissio a.k.a. DiGiorno), and it’s too hot and/or floppy and/or sloppy when it’s right out of the oven, so I use a fork (no knife). Once it cools down a bit, I use my hands.

Eating pizza with a knife and fork really is a character flaw. I don’t trust anyone that does it unless it is because of unusual circumstances.

I thought that was an American/European thing, not a male/female thing. Searching for images of woman eating pizza gets me a lot of pictures of women cheerfully eating pizza with their fingers, not a knife & fork.

The sort of person who eats pizza with a knife and fork is the same type of person who would put ranch dressing on chicken wings – heathens!


ETA: I’m honestly trying to get into the habit of eating with a knife and a fork because it’s much less messier that way. I hate it when my hands get all messy.

It depends. If I order pizza (or have a frozen one), I’ll usually eat it with my hands while lounging on the couch. If I’m in a Italian restaurant (or places that claim to be), I’ll always use knife and fork…

Come on, now. The percentage of males or females who eat pizza with utensils will be vanishingly small, and I can’t imagine that a SDMB poll will provide any kind of worthwhile results.

Then again, people like to be different here at the SDMB, the internet hub for stick-shifters and no-TV-havers, so who knows?

Edit : Goddammit, I just saw the OP’s username. Figures.

Until I left California, I never ate pizza any way except with my hands. Firm crusts and non-gloppy toppings seem to be the rule there, even with deep-dish and “Chicago” style pizzas. I also thought California had way, way too many pizza places, until.

Since getting to the northeast, where you can hop across the landscape from the roof of one pizza shack to another (counting the zillion restaurants that serve pizza alongside other cuisines), I think I’ve eaten about three pieces with my hands and regretted it. Extremely soft crusts and drippy-wet toppings make it plate-knife-fork only. It’s like eating spaghetti with your hands. Sample size is about ten restaurants, including a couple that were recommended to me to address this complaint.

I didn’t vote b/c I normally use both. I’ll use a fork and knife for the first few bites when the pizza is still hot and gooey, but once it settles down a bit I switch to using my hands.

Are we talking Chicago-style deep-dish, or real pizza? Real pizza is eaten by hand, folded.

My high school had only a lunch counter, not a cafeteria. Pizza there was eaten two slices at a time, splapped together like a sandwich.

(Missed the edit winder) The custom in the northeast is also to cut pizza in squares, instead of across as Shakey Johnson intended. I feel like I’m eating in a grade school cafeteria with these little rectangles.

All of which adds up to pizza being a very sometime thing any more, which is good on a caloric, fat and salt level. I do grab a 'za when I’m back in California, which is very infrequently.

I eat everything with a knife and fork wherever possible, even sandwiches. I will eat without if I’m very hungry and there’s nowhere to sit and eat properly, but I loathe it and no amount of wet wipes or hand sanitiser will make me feel clean again.

EDIT: also female, for the poll.

Like others, I use a knife and fork when the pizza is fresh and too hot and melty. About halfway through I’ll switch to hands only.