do you wait for the microwave?

If you want to heat something in the microwave, and put it in for a somewhat arbitrary time, like 90 seconds, do you wait until the 90 seconds are up until you take it out?

I sometimes take it out early, but feel strangely guilty doing so…

My roomie pointed out yesterday that I stare at the microwave as if to make it nuke faster, and I never wait for the ding, I always take it out 5 seconds before. I don’t feel guilty. I think it’s just a manifestation of having a severely type A personality!

Arbritary time? Not usually. (Remember, cooking times will vary depending on the microwave.) I’ll check periodically while it’s cooking, and usually it’s done well before the time is up. (Then again, we have this monster-sized microwave at work.) I left the pizza bagels in for the full time once and ended up with burned tomato sauce, and the cheese had all but evaporated.

Hey, it’s not like the Amana security patrol is going to be looking for me.

But, the question is, are you one of the people who do not reset the machine when you are done?! (I hate that.)

In the Great Scheme of Things, does it really matter if you wait another five seconds for your Food®? When I think of taking the food out early, I think of Homer Simpson: “Twelve more seconds! If you had started 12 seconds earlier, we’d be eating right now!”

To answer the OP, I’m usually doing something else and I don’t have time to stand and stare at the microwave. Sometimes I’ll cook something, then have to reheat it by the time I get to it. OTOH, sometimes I need to take Food® out early to prevent it from getting over-done. (But generally the suggested times work for me.) When I’m impatient, I tell myself that a few seconds doesn’t matter and that I don’t want to be like Homer.

I’m obsessive about stopping it the instant it turns to zero, but before it starts beeping. I hate the beeping, but I want to get my full 90 seconds’ worth.

I approach nuking differently - I generally put things in for less time than necessary (except popcorn, since that’s a proven technology) to prevent overcooking. I’d rather zap 15 seconds more than gnaw on something dried out…

…and I ALWAYS make sure to reset when I’m done. dangling seconds drive me crazy!!!

If it’s prepackaged food, I just put it in for the time suggested and wait for the beep.

If it’s something where I have to determine how long to put it in for, I’ll make up something and leave it until the beep unless it’s quite clearly already done (bubbling, whistling from steam, exploded, etc)

I agree with Balalaika Gap that the goal is to let the timer run down to :00 but to stop the microwave before it beeps. Unfortunately, this clashes with my other obsession of avoiding buttons that get heavy use, as it requires using the “Clear” button every time. Still, it’s a victory as long as I don’t use the “0”, “1”, or “2”. Recently, I found that the “Add 30 seconds” button will heat food without actually pressing the much-used “Start” button, and it can save multiple presses of the “0” button for longer times. You can imagine my delight with this finding.

Considering the price of microwave ovens, are you really concerned with having it last long enough to actually wear a buuton out?