Do You Want Bert & Ernie To Get Married?

I don’t. Just because they’re roomies doesn’t make them gay.

Now, it’s okay with me if Sesame Street wants to introduce a gay couple, but leave my pals Bert and Ernie alone. They never once, IIRC, gave any indication they’re anything other than pals and roommates.


IIRC, the makers of Sesame Street have said that “their sexuality is felt.” :smiley:

I suppose Sesame Street could have a Very Special Episode on felt marriage.

Color me confused. Are they getting married or are you just asking for shits and giggles?

Either way, they never seemed gay to me. They’re two little kids.

Apparently (from my news page) the producers of Sesame Street want the two to get married in order to explain to the little ones what same sex marriage is. Sorry, i should have included that info in the OP.


I don’t want them to get married because they’re siblings.

According to Snopes, this has been false for going on 20 years now.

Are they? I didn’t know that. I always thought because Ernie sometimes used the phrase “Buddy-Bert” that they were friends only.

Interesting and the plot sickens.


Another cite supporting Smapti’s post.

Looks like I may need to check my sources a little more thoroughly! :smack:

We can close this if y’all want to.


One of the things I like a lot about Bert and Ernie (as I look back as an adult) is that they model a loving, sharing, and strong relationship between men. It could be a gay relationship or not; it’s kind of irrelevant.

It kills me that some people look for hidden messages or social agendas in places where they don’t exist.

Bert and Ernie are puppets on a kids’ show targeted at kids of an age where they prefer their own kind and the opposite sex are “icky” or have “cooties.” Why must there be more to it than that?

Some people are just sick. IMHO, of course…

Yeah, this whole “Bert + Ernie = gay” thing is ridiculous, IMHO.

On the episode of Friends where Joey considers moving out of his and Chandler’s apartment, an angry Chandler says, “We’re not Bert and Ernie!” I always say to the TV, “Actually, you kind of are!” (Chandler is Bert and Joey is Ernie, BTW.)

Apropos of very little, I always have to laugh at Mr. S because he can’t tell Bert and Ernie apart. Has no idea which is which, despite several attempts to explain. I think he has Bert-Ernie dyslexia.

Yeah, it must be starting the rounds again. My mom emailed me about it yesterday, complete with indignant frothing. :rolleyes:

It picked up again because NY passed the gay marriage bill, and Sesame Street is in (mythical) NY City.

So there’s a petition going around Facebook asking for sigs to convince the producers to “allow” Bert and Ernie to get married, because they’ve been together for so long, and now NY legally allows it.

The producers aren’t having any of it, from what I can tell. One relevant quote I remember (paraphrased slightly, I’m not looking all this up again) “They’re puppets. Puppets don’t have a sexuality.”

In other news, the producers did confirm that both Bert and Ernie are supposedly adults, which is why they live on their own together, and have been best friends their whole lives. So, take that however you want.

Personally, I don’t really care. I think it’s sweet to show that two boys can be BFF (best friends forever) as that usually gets stereotyped onto girls, but I also think that they have a damn good basis for a relationship if the producers wanted to start moving that way.

Now, while it wouldn’t hurt my feelings or squick me out if they did “turn gay” and get hitched, I do think that a better, more organic choice woud be to have a gay couple (either puppet or human) get married on Sesame Street and invite the whole gang, whereupon they move in somewhere and become perfectly “normalized” members of the cast like everyone else.

Ernie has two mommies.

Are there any married Muppet’s on Sesame Street? Or at all (I guess maybe Wayne and Wanda are married)?

If not (and I realize that this is just a stupid internet chain mail) - there is no marriage to model, Muppet or otherwise.

Let’s close the fucker, okay? I’m sorry I posted it.


Close it if you want, but there was a longish article in the Washington Post this morning on the issue of Bert/Ernie sexuality/marriage, so it is a topical and current discussion.

Doubly, perhaps trebly weird is that I can’t find a rental copy of Closet Land anywhere. netflix doesn’t even recognize it as a “movie they don’t have but might get someday.” Makes you wonder why…

Don’t get pissed, dude. You actually posted an actual current events news item and people are discussing it. Some realize that it’s a news item and some are just throwing their opinions into the ring.

The only bit you got wrong was in your follow-up post where you said the producers wanted to do it. The truth is that there is a petition asking the producers to do it and the producers said “no.”

The Snopes article actually has no bearing on this news article at the moment. It’s a different issue. The news of the petition is indeed real.

Yeah, I hope you’re not upset. I put a roll-eyes in my post, but it wasn’t directed at you.