Do you wave at the signboard guy?

Around here, it’s usually the mattress stores that constantly have signboard people out on the street. When I drive by one, I get in a horrible panic, “Oh No, Is he going to wave at me? Should I wave back? What would my Mother tell me to do? Holy Crap! He’s pointing at me! Pretend you don’t see him…”

Actually, I usually just wave back in a friendly manner and then think to myself, “you just waved at a person you don’t know, will never know, and who probably hates the very sight of you because you’re driving by while he’s standing in the rain earning minimum wage waving at you.”

Am I the only one having this problem?

I wave at everyone when I am in my car. It comes from growing up in the country where you knew everyone anyway. I would never think of not waving at someone who waved at me first.

I even wave to the abortion protesters when they are out on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Nah, he never seems too personable.