Do you youtube ?

Do you have youtube channel?
Do you regularly surf youtube?
Is youtube the place where you get most of your news or pop culture?
Do you have favorite youtube channels or videos?

Post here!

I do have a youtube channel:
I used to post a regualr weight loss vlog, but I got frustrated with the weirdos who began to frequent my channel so I made all those videos private except one. I now post cute videos of my children.

This one is one of my favorites:

I have upwards of 800 YT favorites, almost all of which are 1920s and ‘30s pop music, with maybe 5-7% cat videos. I haven’t posted a solitary blinkin’ thing myself.

I did not know there were channels. seriously.

Yep, under the video and at the top of the video you will see the name of the person who posted it and you click to see their channel.

I like The What The Buck Show

and Eat Your Kimchi aka simonandmartina

I have a dozen or so channels. Why? Because each has a different purpose. Some are for videos I’ve shot of specific bands. Some are for my concert videography business. Some are are for videos of family and friends. One is for memorial videos.

I got REALLY annoyed last week when Google started this apparently mandatory “Let’s associate your REAL DAMN NAME with the YouTube channel you deliberately created with a pseudonym.” They had far too few options to tell them why I did not wish to. I prefer to reveal my real name to as few people as possible on the Net. I like my privacy.

The main reason I have multiple channels is to minimize the risk to the various channels. I have no wish to risk the concert videos I shot myself by mixing them on a channel with old music videos (that are NOT available for purchase anywhere). All it takes is a takedown notice on a single video to get your entire channel deleted. More channels means greater safety.

At one point, I counted all the videos I put up on various channels. Over 400. I have 175 on my concert video channel.

When I get Google Fiber in a year or so, I’m going to bring YouTube’s servers to their collective knees.

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sorry. :frowning: Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt! I really just wanted to know if anyone else used youtube as much as I do

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I have a channel where I mostly post videos of my dog(s) but there is other random stuff too and sometimes Mister Vigilante uses it.

is there any way to share our channel without spamming? Like maybe a profile field we could post the link in?

I think the rules are that you can put it in your profile.

Here is my one YouTube video, a Downfall/Dr Who mashup.

I go to links found here. And sometimes if I’m in the mood for a specific song I’ll see if I can find it there.

i think a spend the majority of my TV time on youtube. You can find full series and movies and the variety is huge!

is there a way to search so you only get full programs and not just clips? I saw an episode of Ellen (the sit com) that way by clicking on a link somewhere here (SD) but never know how to find other shows that I can watch. not just parts, in other words.

hope that was clear! :rolleyes:

I just type in (Full Episode) and it usually gets me to a legit link, but sometimes you get teaser videos which just promote a site where you can supposedly get full length episodes which are really just spam sites. I guess for me I just learn how to filter out the ones which are crap from the ones which are real by refining my search words and phrases.

I know that isn’t really helpful, Sorry :rolleyes:

no problem, I think it’s just a question of trial and error.

I don’t use You Tube that much. I basically only go there on Mondays and Tuesdays to watch The Flog and Written By a Kid on the Geek and Sundry channel.

I would like to watch movies and/or TV programs on Youtube but I don’t know if that is possible.

My understanding is that it is legal to watch TV programs after they have finished being broadcast.

As I understand, it is **not OK **to download TV programs before they finish being broacast because that would interfere with the advertiser’s revenue for the program.

But, I don’t understand whether or not I can do any of this using Youtube and I would very much appreciate if someone could tell me whether it is legal to watch movies and TV programs if they are available on Youtube and whether it is legal to download movies and TV programs if they are available on Youtube. Can anyone answer those questions?

From what I gather it is illegal in most Western Nations and against YouTube’s term of service.


You may think that I’m joking. But I’m not. I assure you that I am serious.

I have tried to use Youtube and to understand it. But, unfortunately, I just don’t seem to “get it” - especially the concept of “channels”.

I understand that Youtube is a site where people can upload videos of just about anything they like including videos they have created awa videos that other people have created and that they have found in various places.

I have tried to understand the concept of “channels”. But I just don’t get it. Can anyone give a brief explanation of what a “channel” is about?

As far as I can tell, it is a collection of videos that someone figures are related to each other somehow. Like, for example: “my home videos of my pets” could be a channel and I would add or remove videos from that collection as I saw fit. Then, other people who might find they are interested in watching videos about my pets could subscribe to that channel and in that way, they would always be able to see a complete list of the videos in that collection - including any new videos that I had recently added to the collection.

But, surely there must be more to it than that. Is there more to it?

For example, the concept of a “TV channel” involves regularly “broadcasting” programs. So, if you subscribe to my channel of videos about my pets at home, presumably, you could tune into that channel and be able to see the latest videos that I have uploaded at any given time.

How close is that to the truth? Somehow, I get the feeling that it could not possibly fully describe the purpose of a channel.

If anyone could explain “channels” to me any better (or point me to some Help File or Tutorial or a description of Channels), I sure would appreciate that.

Thank you.