Doctor, it hurts when I do this in the MMP!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work.


Why was I dreaming about shopping in WalMart? What a waste of perfectly good dreams… :stuck_out_tongue:

Higgs has been fed and let out. The kittehs have had some treats. **FCD **wants to sleep another hour. And it’s looking like Easter will be overcast and chilly.

I’m about to get a dozen eggs out of the fridge and let them come up to room temp before I boil them. I need to find the recipe for dying the innards after they’re boiled. And some time today, our dirty clothes will be mechanically converted to clean clothes.

Yep, an exciting weekend here at FairyChatEstates! :smiley:

Happy Saturday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 64 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 75 with rain/tstorms/apocalypse predicted for later this mornin’, afternoon, and evenin’. Looks to be the same for tomorrow. ICK!

MOOOOOOM I too shall be satanizin’ aigs in a little while. I have a dozen aigs comin’ to room temp, as well as aigs, butter, and cream cheese for a pound cake. Other comestibles for tomorrow’s feast can pretty much be made tomorrow after deheathenization. I shall probably go ahead and bake the ham today at some point and get the scalloped N.O.T. ready for bakeage tomorrow. Oh and a batch of Bloody Mary mix must be made.

OK that’s all I got. I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. I suppose I should also purtify a bit even though I have no intentions of leavin’ da cave today.

Happy Sattidy Y’all!

Happy Satursday!

Another blurf day, I’m having lots of weird dreams.


Aigs are boiled and coolin’ down and pound cake is in the oven. Go Us!

I am celebrating the holiday and my day off by going to work. What the Hell was I thinking? :smiley:

Actually its something I started at my last job; working holidays so folks with families close and/or little kids can stay home. Here it really isn’t as needed - we’re large enough that no matter how many folks call in “sick” the work still gets done. But its just become a sort of habit for me after doing it for like 18 years.

Breakfast has been ingested. We also ran by WalMart for some critter treats. I picked up a bottle of multivitamins, thinking it said “Over 50” on the label. Somewhere between WalMart and home, it changed to “Under 50.” Whatever - they’re just multivitamins.

Then we stopped to fill the car so we don’t have to bother with it before heading north tomorrow. Once home, I helped **FCD **remove several very large, heavy, inch-thick plates of aluminum and set them with the rest of his stock. Then I gathered the household garbage and he loaded the truck for a run to the convenience center. Meanwhile, I hauled the dirty laundry downstairs, started a load of jeans, and I’ve got the eggs cooking.

I’ll definitely have to run the vacuum, thanks to Ziva.

The change from the winter comforter on the bed to the lighter one seemed to have an effect, I slept until 0815 this morning. Watched a little soccer, then got my laundry started (currently the u’wear is in the dryer and the shirts are in the spin cycle). Sattiday outside looks nice, but like Mooommm, Easter has some wet weather laid on for the evening.

Back to browsing.

That would be an excellent advertising ploy; the label proclaims whatever the customer wants, and changes to tell the truth once out of the store. :dubious:

Thanks sharing! :dubious:

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The cake is done, cooled and now in its temporary home, aka a cake plate. In addition the chikin embryos have been satanized. I think I shall bake the ham later this afternoon just cause. It can be sliced and heated up before bein’ ingested. I’ll ready the scalloped N.O.T. for cookage tomorrow after deheathenization.

OYKW has gone to get some Jimmy’s chili/cheese/onion/slaw dawgs cause he’s got a gnawin’ and a cravin’. We shall eat them out on the back porch off of paper plates. I have to admit the things are good (a best to not think about what they are while eatin’ 'em type comestible) but they can stink up the place, thus they are eaten out of doors and wrappers and paper plates go to the outside trash immediately.

I also foresee nappage this afternoon.

Yay, gotti! Insurance rocks.

ruble, I thought of you yesterday. I saw a chocolate Jesus fish at Kroger. :smiley: I’m sorry for the loss of your friend,. Kathleen sounds like someone I would like.

I’m getting stuff done around the house today. Then I’m going to pull a swampy and fix the eggplant lasagne up until the baking point so’s all I have to do is stick it in the oven while I shower and shevel tomorrow. The rest of prep for the gathering will be to throw some serving spoons in with the plastic aigs for the aig race.

Why is ham a popular Easter dish?
I wonder if the origins are from the time of the inquisition, to indicate that the diners are not Jews.

Egg whites are no longer white, and the yolks are all mixed up and placed in a zip bag. When I get to Mom’s tomorrow, I’ll put the colorful halves on a platter, then clip a corner of the bag and squish it out.

First load of laundry is done, second in the dryer, third in the washer. The dishwasher is splashing along. And it’s sunny out, amazingly enough. It was supposed to be cloudy.

Laundry is all done. Dishwasher has been emptied. I’ve got a big pot of N.O.T. soup simmering away on the stove.

Still haven’t dragged out the vacuum cleaner. :smiley:

Ham is bakin’ away as I post. Dindin shall be steak, sallit, leftover shrimpies from yestiddy, and garlic bread. I know I shouldn’t be eatin’ red meat on Holy Saturday, but I am. So There! :stuck_out_tongue:

flytrap ham on Easter is a North American thing. For some reason lamb (which I don’t particularly like) has never been big in NA most specifically the USA. Pigs and Hawgs were butchered in the Fall and cured for the Winter months. Thus, cured ham was available and became the traditional Easter meat. That’s the Reader’s Digest version of the reason. In pretty much all the rest of the regions of the Earth, lamb is the preferred meat.

Soup, as usual, was yum! At FCD’s request, I leave it more chunky than pureéd. So now I’s stuffded.

And the stove is warming the room, so I’m not as chilled as I was earlier.

Still no vacuuming…

Dindin is et and ham is out of the oven and coolin’ down. When its cool enough I shall wrap it in foil and refrigerate it overnight. Da cave smells hamilicious!

Reader’s Digest, almost as trusted as Walter Cronkite!
Thanks, Swampy.