Doctor, it hurts when I do this in the MMP!

No idea where to go with this. Wanna talk about doctors? Wanna talk about pains? Wanna talk about bad jokes? Wanna go off on a totally unrelated tangent?

I’ll take care of pains. As expected, I’m achy this morning from my graceful tumble in the restaurant yesterday, but the worst of it is in my back on the right side, and even that isn’t too terrible. My knee is swollen, but I’m walking OK, and my shoulder only seems to hurt where I landed on my arm. Honestly, I expected it all to be worse, so it’s not a bad morning.

Well, except for being 36-freekin’-degrees and wet out there. ugh. At least they were wrong about snow. I’m breakfasting at the moment, after which, I’ll dig out all the documentation I’m supposed to take with me, then shower and dress for my first day.

The adventure begins.

Happy Moanday!

First! It’s good to be juvenile! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up, caffeinated and purtified so no YAWN. ‘Tis 40 Amurrkin out (BRRR!) and clear with an expected high of 64 and sunny for the day. After today temps start to rise back to normal stuff. Weird weather. We’re goin’ to brekkie at Pearly’s, hence the already to go post this mornin’.

MOOOOOOM glad it doesn’t feel so bad this mornin’. Good look on the first day at y0ur new gig!

Okay, I here rumblin’s from the bedroom which indicate OYKW is ready to go, so we shall head out to start another glorious Moanday. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

You mean [Mel Brooks]It’s good to be the kid![/MB]


Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. I’m off work today.

2nd! W00T!

Good luck Mooooommmmm. I’d give you the old theater “break a leg” ,but you already about did that.:eek:

And Another Blurfy Moanday.

Mooooommm, glad to know you’re doing better, we people of…intermediate.age aren’t exactly fragile, but the bumps do seem to last longer. Last fall I can remember vividly was several years ago stepping off a bus onto a (wet) marble-like step and while I executed a perfect roll and came to my feet almost immediately, I was sore for the next two days.

Hope the in-processing is not to onerous.

Nearly freezing temps this AM, into the 50’s today and gradually warming the rest of the week (sayeth the weather folks).

So onward. Got a notice that I am supposed to log into a site that if I haven’t been on for 30 days, they take away my user status and I have to ask politely to get it back. Stupid site.

My pain today is a mini-migraine. Don’t know if it will go full blown.

Mooom, did you get a new lunchbox for your first day?

Going off on a tangent, is anyone taking off/getting of Good Firday? We don’t get it off but I’m thinking of taking it off. I kinda feel the need.

So don’t do it, silly!

Three-day week, as I’m in the half of Spain which takes Holy Thursday off but not Monday after Easter. Mom is visiting. This morning she was having a really spazzy start, which isn’t the first time, but still, sometimes I do wonder if she’s starting to have brain damage or something. She couldn’t find the toaster (atop the breakfast table) or the milk (whose box was actually touching her elbow).

She was already planning where am I going to take her on vacation the last week of July. I don’t even know when am I going to have vacation, but “taking my mother to a hot beach full of people” definitely isn’t in my plans. At most I’m willing to “put up with my mother in my house, in a small mountain village”. No beaches.

oh its in here…sorry I was lost. If there is not some sort of blurf or some such

Maybe I need to look for a complaint?

Not usually a MMPer, but figured it was better to post here than create a pointless thread of my own, and I dying to share/brag with someone.

I bought a manual transmission car last week, and I’ve driven it a grand total of 4 times - the 4th time was driving it twenty minutes through town to work this morning!

13 intersections and I only stalled it out once.

(Granted, the god of newbie drivers was with me, and 4 of those intersections stayed green as I prayed harder than I have ever prayed in my life for them to please stay green.)

Yesterday was a lot worse; 11 intersections and I stalled out SEVEN times - and FOUR of them were at the same damn light. :eek::smack::frowning: My husband reassured me that it was a “very fast light,” but I was so embarrassed. Made me feel a lot better to have gotten to work in much less humiliating fashion this morning.

I am also discovering an intense interest in which way the road slopes at intersections - something I’ve never had to think about before.

Aches and pains? Oh, I know all about aches and pains…I’ve had this cough for a week now and everything hurts! Even my fat hurts from coughing! Fortunately the rest of my lovely collection of symptoms have got better but the cough refuses to leave me. I give it until Friday and then I’m leaving it on a plane somewhere.

Oh yes, Friday…off on holiday to Maui for two weeks (well, a few days there then off to that Big Island for a bit longer).

Manual transmission cars are all the rage over here, I’ve never driven anything else at home. But obviously on my travels next week I’ll have a rental car and it won’t have a gearstick. Then I’ll be back here complaining about the number of times I’ve bashed myself on the car door because I’m sitting on the wrong side of the car and reaching for a stick that’s not there. And where’s my extra pedal? Who stole it?

I’m lucky; I get along with Doctor Liz and she has done good things for me. But her partner in the practice, my original doctor there -------- he almost killed me three times. Missed a couple things until they got critical and wrote me a prescription that I reacted very badly to. He actually fired himself as my doctor; after the third time he basically said “I just can’t seem to get anything right with you so would you mind trying one of my partners or looking at moving to another practice?” Gotta give the guy credit for honesty.

CONGRATS!!! You will learn, it takes time and can be frustrating but it comes with practice. If you have any friends locally who drive a stick, get them to show you the emergency brake trick for hills.

(In writing, its using the hand-brake to hold yourself and them easing the gas and clutch with your feet while releasing the brake by hand. Good trick to have up your sleeve on steep hills. Also check your owners manual; some cars like my Subaru have a “hill holder” button that can be activated.)

No special button, but the emergency brake is the first thing my husband taught me after I managed getting to first more than three times in a row.

He also said once I get more comfortable with where the “sweet spot” is in the clutch release, I can practice just using the regular brake and quick-switching to the gas when I get to that spot - apparently if you’re quick enough and it’s just a minor grade, you can manage it without the e-brake at all and still not really roll much. I figure that’s Manual 201, and I will get there eventually.


That’s one of the first things I learned how to do - the dreaded hill-start! These days, I’m so used to it, I rarely use the handbrake at all when the car’s not moving, even on some quite steep hills. It just comes with practice then you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

Ok that’s just weird - it says my car should have one, but I’ve rolled backwards multiple times just in town on our little tiny bits of hills and in parking lots! Maybe it doesn’t work as well as it should?

If you’re a blond, your finger’s broken.


had a lovely fun weekend with friends in Joisey. Got home before Nature let loose. Slept until 11:30.

It’s a switchable option now? Weird. The last Soob I had, hill-holder was built in and always on. Really clever thing, actually - a ball-bearing in the master cylinder that rolls backwards and holds pressure in the brake lines if the car is pitched up. An essential gizmo in San Francisco!

As for aches and pains, my back is reminding me that I shouldn’t have moved those four bags of dirt yesterday. Hopefully a big crop of home-grown tomatoes in about two and a half months will soothe that… The oranges and lemons will be longer to appear, but by all appearances, there will be plenty of those.

Well, since there isn’t an actual handbrake (parking brake is another button) it does come in handy sometimes. We rarely use ours and mostly keep it off; why I’m not sure. But in our cases all we’ve ever really driven are sticks except for the odd antique/classic/rental car here and there.

Which actually caused an accident once. I was driving and jammed in the clutch to change gears; hard on the pedal on the left. Which in an automatic is --------- :smack:

Check the owners manual. On my Outback its a small button on the lower left of the dash. When you push it in you get a symbol on the display near the speedo of a car on a hill. You have to be on a certain grade/slope for it to activate.