It's Time For A New MMP

So, it’s Monday mornin’ and da bear is up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 67 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 90. This is more like early Summer than early Spring. At this rate I might be forced to turn on the AC. Oh My!

In other news, this is Holy Week for all who observe and this Firday evenin’ is the beginnin’ of Passover as memory serves me. I shall be attendin’ an Agape Supper on Wednesday, Maundy Thursday services on (duh!) Thursday, Good Friday services on (duh!) Friday, The Vigil of Easter on Saturday and of course the large, smelly (think incense) extravaganza known as The Feast of Easter on Sunday.

I’m tahrd just thinkin’ about it. :smiley:

So, what’s up y’all? How’s everybody doin’? What’s new? Hijack away!

Same here, oh beary one. I’m a lector on Thursday, will participate in the all night vigil, Good Friday, the Great Vigil of Easter on Saturday, and then Easter Sunday.

I gave up meat for Lent so I’m kinda looking forward to the Sunday ham, as I’m a carnivore at heart.

On a more serious note, when I was a kid I thought Christmas was the most important holiday. Now I know it’s Easter. My dad once had a bad heart attack on Holy Saturday, and even had a code blue pulled on Easter Sunday. But he is fully recovered, (it was almost thirty years ago) and as he said, “If I had to die, what better day for it?”

I’m losing weight on my diet(yay me!), I’m healthy, I have a great dog and two cats, and a 107 year old grandma. My parents will celebrate their 60th anniversary this summer. All is right with the world.

Up, caffeinated, off to irk.


I am not a religious person so there are no particular easter shennanigans for me. However, I am extremely fond of hot cross buns and will find time to indulge in one over the weekend. I have a party to go to on Friday night which I actually don’t really want to attend so that’s not quite so good, but 'im indoors wants to go so I shall put my martyr hat on and suffer it. He hasn’t been socialising much and I think he’s missing contact with people, he’s not worked since December and spends most of his time at home playing computer games or going to the gym and them complaining about how it’s turned into a complete gay parade (sorry, Swampy!) and then as soon as I come home, he talks at me solidly until he’s got it all out of his system. I guess the cats still haven’t learned to answer back.

Since we so love to talk about the weather, it has been unseasonably warm for the past week and now we are supposed to be expecting snow in the next few days. I just can’t keep up.


I played bambilance Saturday night. We were quite busy (sorry, Rosie), but no real stories to tell. We did transport a very sweet 3 year old girl who was quite sick in the bug du jour sense. Lots of flirtation was had, and she loved the stuffed Mickey Mouse I gave her.

Up, again. I toyed with getting us started at 3 this morning since I was awake (dammit) but I opted to watch a little TV, then go back to bed. I finally woke a bit before 8. We had rain overnight and it’s quite chilly at the moment, but I’m hoping to get some garden time a little later. Meanwhile, I’ve got the laundry started.

Our pre-Easter week will involve getting ready to leave on Firday. Today, I WILL make up a list of stuff not to forget, and I hope I remember it all. Plus, tomorrow afternoon, I get to chug down my gallon of GoLytely in anticipation of the ultimate probing on Wednesday. Whoop-de-frickin’-doo! :stuck_out_tongue: Then again, it’s only once a decade. Somewhere in the week, I need to make a trash and recycling run, plus I need to pick up another container of cat litter so our critter sitter doesn’t run out. And there’s laundry, and house plants to water, and a water change on Thursday… I’m exhausted and I haven’t been out of bed an hour yet!!

**Tugig **- I enjoyed the stuff you posted, and your daughter is quite pretty. Have you taught her how to keep the adolescent horn-dogs at bay?? :wink: It looks like you had the river to yourselves - how nice! Where was the paddle boat? I wasn’t aware we had one around here-ish…

OK, that’s all my brain can manage at the moment. So have a Happy Monday and stuff…

No, sirrah, it is not.

Orthodox are having it next week. My Romanian coworker was pleasantly surprised that I knew this :slight_smile:

She was asking about local Easter traditions today at lunch; our other coworkers are the kind who claim with perfectly straight faces that the Holy Days were invented after the vacations were… yep, one of them claimed that “most towns in Spain have processions during this week because it’s a vacation week”. The dumb, it maketh my head hurt.

FCM it’s funny you mention that - since it was just the two of us and I don’t see her as often as I would like I had no problem discussing pregnancy, contraception, drugs, alcohol, self esteem and how to talk about these and any other subject with her old man. She took it real well with a minimum of embarrassment, which is pretty good for a bit of shy 12 year old. Another thing she’s a bit shy about is she appears to have inherited my height, she’s already 5’6" and still going. I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits 6’. My dad & I have been hammering her to enjoy her gift of height and be the strong person she is becoming. I think it’s working, but we’re going to keep at it.

If I get her to adulthood with a minimum of self esteem issues then I’ve done good.
Waking up to another week of work, and I will have to get down to the old place and do some cleaning next weekend. Tomorrow is election day in DC and Maryland - an extra long workday o’ fun. I could use the money.

Good Morning all!

Caffienation in progress. I need to call the credit union when I’m done to schedule a tax prep appointment. I am not doing my own this year. Not.

I think I need to fire up the AC and hide inside. The’re predicting 86 degrees, and it will be a sticky 86 thanks to the overnight rain we had. That same overnight rain has unleashed another barrage of yellow itchiness.

One thing I’ve learned - trying to save three bucks by buying house-brand Claritin-D was a really bad idea.

One of the reasons I went on the boat ride with my daughter alone (aside from the fact she’s indestructible) was that my son has allergies. As we were driving to the boat ramp I thought I saw smoke from a fire ahead of us -

it was huge clouds of pine tree pollen blowing through the air! It looked like smoke from a house fire. When we launched the water in the boat ramp looked like someone had poured several square yards of bright green paint on the surface of the water.

Yeah, pollen is bad this year.

You’re tired? Most of my family is Orthodox so I have to go through this twice! Durn Julian! :stuck_out_tongue:

Vile profanity. I am going to have to do my own taxes this year. I have no idea where I packed my social security card and I need that for the credit union to do them.

Pray for my eternal soul. I’m scheduling this for later in the week. First I have to stock up on some I-Be-Hopin*, as Sassy Chica calls it.

*As in “I be hopin’ this kills my headache.”

I finished 5 days of Zithromax for the sinus infection I’ve apparently had for 2 months. I went to the PA (I loff the PA but not the MD she works for) because of a nagging cough. She looked in my nose and said “uggh.” Red, swollen, tight. I have a history of sinus infections. Anywho, I feel somewhat better but I also have allergies.

I went to service yesterday and I realized Palm Sunday and Easter make me very sad. I don’t observe Good Firday so won’t be going to church. I don’t know if I’ll make it Easter either–don’t want to sit in church and cry. Plus I’m having Easter lunch at my house. Need to buy bacon and eggs…


I don’t know if anyone saw my post in the last MMP, but there were three happy things yesterday - flowers blooming (new iris, old roses), hot air balloons in a clear evening sky, and kittens!

My student’s house has an outdoor kitty. They’ve been slowly taming it. On Friday, she had kittens. They found the kittens Sunday morning, stuffed in witch’s hat in the garage and half-frozen. They’d just brought them inside when I arrived for tutoring.

So, instead of tutoring, I got to be Chief Kitten Rescuer! I started stuffing kittens in my bra to warm them up (there are advantages to being a DD/DDD), sent Mom out for mama-cat supplements, kitten formula, and a heat lamp, and then set up the room so the basket was off the cold concrete floor, lined the basket with a sleeping bag found in the closet, and made a nest with towels so mama cat could feel warm and safe.

By the time I left for my next tutoring session, all seven kittens were warm, fed, and meeping. I felt like such a champ! And when I came back to check on them - and do the tutoring I hadn’t had a chance to - I got to show the student and mom how to get the kittens to poop and pee. Mama cat is a first timer and must have been abandoned by her own mama, as she doesn’t know these things. But she does love her babies.

So, with a wet wipe, I started wiping kitten butts, and blorp!, an amazing amount of kitty mess for such a tiny thing. One has such an attitude, it’s already been named Spicy. :smiley: I think I’ll be offering to go over and held with kittens later this week.


Good for you phouka! No doubt your intervention saved some kitties. In fact I am sure your interventions have saved more than just the kitties.

I’m glad your DD/DDD has some kitty saving advantages, because I would be hard pressed to think about any others. Let me sit here and think about it for awhile.

Still thinking…

Still thinking…

Yeah, I can think of a few advantages. :wink:

Fourth load in the washer, third in the dryer, second hanging in the respective closets, first in a basket behind me - guess I really should fold those towels.

I have lunched, so there’s no excuse not to get the towels done. Off I go…

Morning! (It is still morning here for another 12 minutes:D)

Fairly busy morning today at least I got a few things accomplished. I think I am going to go to Panera for lunch and sit outside and eat as it is going to be 80 degrees today. We are expecting severe thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. I knew it wouldn’t last!

We had a really good weekend and got a few issues that had been nagging both mr ems and I out in the open and sorted out so we are doing great. It was clearly decided that I do in fact need a vacation.

Awwwww kitties!

Awww, kittens!!
My street is being swept and I just had a delivery of paver stones. I have to go buy lime and I just don’t feel like getting dressed. It’s cold in my house but slightly warmer outside. I should start putting down the pavers but, again, I just don’t feel like getting dressed.

My day isn’t too bad. Best of all, I found out that I get Friday off.

My roommates still have to work. Guess Friday will be spent bare ass naked in my apartment.