We're late, we're late! A Monday Afternoon MMP

Well? Where is everybody?

I’m here, but it certainly isn’t Monday afternoon. :wink:

I’m here and it’s afternoon!

I’m here,caffeinated, and off to irk.

Is too Monday afternoon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Busy day ahead of me – starting in about half an hour, it’s a cook-a-thon and then we’re going to my brother’s for the Seder. Probably won’t be home before midnight…

See ya all on the other side of the holiday meal.

My weight is complaining about the damage that’s about to be done to it, already!

Hag Sameach to Rosie, **Ivory **and any other mumpers who are Jewish or have Jewish relatives :slight_smile:

I need an ark. Fast. And cheap.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienated on a very nice but a little chilly Monday mornin’.

Happy Passover Rosie, Soapy and Special1! If I’ve left anyone out, Happy Passover to you too.

Plus, A Blessed Holy Week to all Mumpers who are observing.

Today I shall go downtown to First United Methodist Church at 12:15 to hear YP preach. During Holy Week the “downtown churches” have noontime services with ministers from several different churches preaching each day. St. Paul’s is our “downtown” Episcopal church but their Priest is currently on Sabbatical so YP was asked to preach today. Since I’m off work, I thought it’d be a good way to show support. Plus, afterwards I will be lunching with a couple of my co-parishoners. We communicated via fb last night and decided to have us a little outing. Should be nice.

Other than that, I have a roast doin’ it’s thing in the slow cooker for dindin. Since I have taken care of da yahd, the laundry and da cave is reasonably sanitary, I shall lounge around most of the day. After all, irk looms tomorrow.

**Soapy/b] are animals gathering two by two in your yahd? :smiley:

Underwater Monday blurfs. Soapy, When ark comes, I can haz ride?

I got nothin’.

Am up. Am grumpy and feel like a truck hit me. Allergies or sick? Still can’t tell. Must buy some Loratidine.

Off to work soon. Other message board still not working for me. Probably why I’m grumpy: am going through ST withdrawal. Need to get my inner geek removed or reduced or something. Bah.
Wish it were Monday afternoon here–then the day’d be over.

Oh, and Good Morning, Everyone!

Good morning all! We needed an ark in the DC are too this morning. Blurf! At least I am caffeinated or well on the way towards a reasonable facsimile thereof. :smiley:

Happy Monday (gah!) all, and a Happy Passover to those celebrating. :slight_smile:

It was wild and wet last night. Found that the satellite TV is an effective predictor of Really Bad Weather. If the picture goes all blocky, expect another pelting of rain. Generally, by the time the thing gives up and goes to its “searching for satellites” mode, there will be a big lightning bolt and the power goes out.

This happened three times last night, then we gave up and went to bed. Our dog really does not like lightning, so it was a restless night for all mammals in the house.

Insta-poll: If you were buying a car right now, would you buy a 2006 Jeep Liberty with 48,000 miles or a 2010 Kia Soul with 2000 miles? Prices are identical.

I’d buy the Kia Soul. Newer and better on gas. Looks like a fun ride!

I’m going back to bed. I have no energy whatsoever. Hopefully I will be awakened by somebody calling about work for tomorrow.

The deck and siding look great, FCM! (I’m just getting through last week’s MMP.)

I haven’t looked at cars in a while, gotti, but last I checked, Kia wasn’t known for reliability. I’d probably go with the Jeep.

We finally watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movies over the last few weekends, but, unfortunately, due to me messing up my Netflix queue, we got the 3rd one first. Lemme tell you, that movie makes very little sense without the other two first. It really seems like they made the first movie as a stand alone, but that 2 and 3 belong together and really should be watched together (and in order). We spent quite a bit of time after the last one (well, number 2 since we watched 3 then 1 then 2) trying to piece it all together to figure out what had really happened. Kinda weird movies but fun.

KT smoked a chicken on Saturday. It was deep red when he was done, looking like it had spent too long in a tanning booth. But it tasted amazing. I made barley risotto with marscapone to go with it, and that was fantastic too. I’m going to keep that recipe around! Sunday, KT turned the chicken into chicken 'n dumplings. We watched the new Good Eats on chicken 'n dumplings and discovered that we have a very different definition of c 'n d than than Alton does. What both of us grew up with is a chicken stew or chicken in gravy with a biscuit-like dough dropped in as slightly-smaller-than-baseball-sized balls. Alton made chicken soup - with no chunks of chicken meat in it - with little tiny pieces of dough. That is not chicken 'n dumplings to me. That’s chicken soup. Anyway, KT’s real (to us) c 'n d was very good with the leftover smoked chicken and nice, big, puffy dumpling.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigt. Am I on Candid Camera???
(Sorry. Bill Cosby flashback. But I’m feeling much better now.

Being like 10:22 it isn’t afternoon yet but it is indeed Monday. Consider this a premature postilication.

Monday. Grumpy. Go away.

Everyone is welcome in my ark. We may even pair off in more than twos!


My ark would have a hot tub and facials. You need to put me in charge of the deluge.

Up and at 'em. Sort of.

Awake, anyway.

Monday is almost over thank goodness. We had a ‘French Tax Preparation’ meeting this morning. Some things to note:

[li]France does not take taxes as you earn only the ‘social charges’[/li][li]You file the following year in May[/li][li]You get a demand in September for the previous years tax bill to be paid in one lump sum if you are a first time filer[/li][li]I am goign to be dealing with the French tax authorities until 2012 even though I leave in 2010[/li][/ul]

I am currently having a panic attack over how much I might owe in September which is 2.5 times what I was expecting - the tax prep people are ‘re-evaluating their calculations’ :mad:

I call shotgun!