Doctor, it hurts when I do this in the MMP!

Happy Moonday!

I feel like I am coming down with something.


Airman drives a stick. I’m can’t drive a stick. When my old car died, we had to buy a new car because I can’t drive a stick.

The job I interviewed for last week is doing reference checks. I heard back from one of them and another told me she got a message to call them. OMG OMG OMG!!!1!!!


Lasciel, if you get the handbrake-on-a-hill thing down, you’ll be one ahead of me, even though I’ve driven manuals for ~40 years. In my defense, most of my manuals have been trucks where the park brake is operated by foot, therefore not much help.

The second day of spring and I scraped frost off my car windows this morning. :mad:

As far as aches and pains go, let’s just say that my sense of adventure has always been greater than my physical coordination. :smiley: I am now a semi-gimpy middle ager.

Speaking of medical issues…

I’ve had this nasty cold since last week. Got no sleep at all Saturday night, then had an all-day rehearsal on Sunday with my band (and managed to stay for the whole thing!) Rehearsal was fun. Being sick was not fun.

What worries me today is that I seem to be short of breath. I’m asthmatic, and my usual inhalers help a bit, but my breathing is not 100%. Even walking a short distance gets me out of breath. I’m not sure if this is a normal thing with colds, and it’ll go away in a few days, or if I should see a doctor. I’m also worried about Wednesday’s rehearsal (playing a wind instrument requires breathing - yes, yes, I know all instruments require it, but you know what I mean.)

I don’t really want to google “shortness of breath” and get scared by a bunch of crap on the internet, so maybe I’ll try to get to a clinic or something in the next few days. I’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow, maybe.

I dunno. In spite of me having a few chronic health problems, I rarely get sick. And maybe this is just a run-of-the-mill cold and I’m being too dramatic about it. I wish I knew, but am kind of scared to know.

Howdy Y’all! Moanday has been survived. Only three more to go this week. YAY!

WetOne I am takin’ Good Firday off as one of my “floatin’” days off. I have always taken Good Firday off irk. Speakin’ of time off irk, I need to make sure I use up leave days between now and the end of July. Can’t have 'em just go to waste, now can I? :smiley:

Rockin’ appropriate/inappropriate appendages remain crossed.

All you sickies, feel better soonest.

I drive an automatic. I do not like manual transmission.

As one fellow asthmatic to another, shortness of breath despite using inhalers means you should go to the dr! Dr+Now = You. Seriously. I have been royally bitched out for ignoring this. Please go.

After multiple nights of not really sleeping, last night I fell asleep around 2 and slept until 6:30. Then back to bed at 7, and up at 11:30. Why, that’s 8 hours! :eek: Now, I just need to get on a normal schedule and I’ll be golden.

Need to re-wash a load of laundry I forgot in the washing machine. :frowning:

Happy Moanday.

Dindin has been et. Leftovers from yestiddy. Now they are all gone. I planned that one just right. I have my world famous Eye-talian chikin roastin’ in the slow cooker as I post. That’s the one where I take a whole chikin (or chikin pieces) in the slow cooker and pour a bottle of Eye-talian sallit dressin’ all over said chikin. Fancy, huh? :smiley:

Home, tired, but excited about the new gig.

I spent the morning and part of the afternoon filling out papers, reading stuff, and signing stuff. I think I fell asleep while reading the last of the stuff - after lunch, of course. It was booooooooooooooooooooooooring!!! I also met the company founder/CEO - nice guy but cold hands - hope it’s not the grip of the Grim Reaper!! :eek:

Then I went over to my bldg and was shown to my office. I’m sharing with a woman who’s been there for 6 years. She’s quiet, but she has one of those plug-in air fresheners. I hate them with a white-hot hate. We’ll see if I can tolerate it or if I have to make an issue of it. I hate to be *that *person, but I can’t work with a constant headache.

I did some training and started setting up my computer and browser (ick - IE9) with my preferences. They’re using CREO 2.0 - I was using 3.0 in the last job, and I don’t know the difference. We shall see. My boss brought over a couple of redlined drawings to get me started tomorrow. He said after I get settled in, I can start earlier than 7, which is when I’m going in the rest of the week.

Anyway, I’m home, trying to unwind. All in all, I think I’m going to like this company.

Thanks for the advice, **ddsun. **I intend to try to see a doctor tomorrow morning (the place opens early and if you get there early, you don’t have to wait as long.) I just hope that this breathing thing is only temporary, whatever it may be, and that I can still participate in my wind band.

On a lighter note, a German-speaking friend posted this status on Facebook:
To all my english speaking collegues:
What is a “orker” and how the hell does a cow fit into this scenario?

I didn’t know what he meant at first, until I figured out he must’ve seen the word “cow-orker.” I then explained it to him.
I thought you guys on this board would get a kick out of that.

Mom and I went to the local community college to get some (marginally) faster internet than what we got at home. About 4 o’clock or so, she says, “Let’s go to McDonald’s and get some cookies, drinks, and better internet. My download speed here SUCKS.” But she couldn’t find her keys. She’d locked them in the car.

We called All State’s roadside assistance, but they couldn’t find any provider within 44 miles. We called our landlady, Cherie, and asked if her husband knew how to unlock the car doors; he’s pretty handy. He did not. We called the city’s police non-emergency line for help, and they gave us the number of a couple of places that could do it. Then we got a call from one of those places. Our landlady had called ahead for us and hooked us up with them, realizing that they closed in 15 minutes.

We needed payment up-front and had only $3 to our name, but Cherie graciously paid for it using her credit-card number over the phone. We’ll pay her back when we get the reimbursement check from All State. So it’s all good.

Now we’re at McDonald’s.

That there is Corridor Blue stuff, for sure!

Goremey all the way!

Both of us are snufflin’ and sneezin’ due to icky sinuses. We shall have a threeway with Ben tonight.

Nitey Nite Y’all!

I cannot handle plug-ins at all FCM.
I’d hate to have to say something, but it’s better than throwing up in her lap.

My dog is sleeping and his tail is just wagging away. Probably dreaming about treats.

Tis better to be coughin’ often than to be in the coffin they carry you off in!
Dinner was pasta from hairy angels. How do they make it, is it like a locks of love thing where they cut it when it gets long enough?

Dinner was leftover corned beef and cabbage and Swamp People comes on soon. Later ya’ll.

Another day another buck fifty. Sure was Moanday all day long. Poor Louie is still suffering. As is his Mama. Baby steps.


[QUOTE=kopek;19198588Swamp People comes on soon. Later ya’ll.[/QUOTE]

Family pictures?

Could be; on either my side or the Old Wench’s.

And either side of the line for that matter! :smiley:

I vacuumed 6 pet’s worth of pet hair out of the carpet.:dubious: I made Italian herbed chicken with 3 cheese rice and spinach with tomatoes and olives for dinner.

Congrats! And keep practicing, nothing like being in control of your car.

Woke at 2:45 and couldn’t fall back to sleep - gonna be a long day, methinks! But I’m showered and dressed, I got the dishwasher running, and I’m breakfasting. I’ll leave in about 20 minutes.

On top of lack of sleep, the bread I pulled out to make my lunch was green, as was the provolone I pulled out for my breakfast sammich. Guess I need to do some grocery shopping.

C’mon Firday!!!