Doctor, it hurts when I do this in the MMP!

*Reaches for Bottle of Round-up"

Laundry done, dinner consumed, and a few necessary groceries bought and stored. Tomorrow will be “do taxes day”, I think I’m going to owe a big chunk to Uncle Sam, so I’ve been in no hurry to do them, but the deadline is closing in, so best be done with it.

I made candy today for the Easter family dinner tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll bake dinner rolls and a pie.

I’m getting dressed soon to go to the Great Vigil of Easter tonight. (Ask swampy or Elendil’s Heir) tomorrow will be church of course, then the family in the later afternoon.

We shall retire to the boudoir for the evenin’ shortly.

CupCakes have fun at the Vigil. I chose to forego it this year bein’ as I shall be a Luterun tomorrow mornin’ at nine a.m. Have I mentioned that I am Grace’s God Father and thus a sponsor for her Baptism? I am all excitated over that!

Nitey Nite Y’all!

Somebody probably already answered but
Went to our local dive diner for breakfast late and I just finished some leftover mac&cheese for dinner. Work was fine and the weather was such that I got Bessie out of the barn early and rode her to work. Several people (ladies) wanted cow rides after work and I am too much the gentleman and considerate coworker to refuse. Hence I’m a little later than usual.

Swampy congrats on your pending God parenthood!

Tomorrow we shall also be doing the family thing after church. I was supposed to bring spirits and hors d’ouevres, but my folks have already selected the hors d’ouevres. So I shall bring the drinks. Which, oddly, I seem to already have laying about the place.

MetalMouse I am also working on budgets and financial stuff this weekend. Boo-yay. It will be good to get it done, but I am dreading it anyway.

Happy Easter if I don’t see y’all tomorrow!

Appropriate, given this week’s MMP title. :stuck_out_tongue:

::Bows to the Master::
Went to the costume store earlier. Iffn the winds die out, we’ll have some fun in the mernin’.

Thanks, Swampy did mention that it is because pig was in season.
Although, a ham must age, lest it be gammon…:dubious:

Costume? A late Purim?

Dear G-d!

I worked, I went to hockey. Canes lost. more work(and more hockey) tomorrow.

Good Easter mornin’ all.

We changed the clocks last night. Mom woke up in a lousy mood (lousier than her usual morning mood, that is) and it turns out part of the reason was that she’d moved her watch two hours instead of one. So, she was pissy because my washing machine woke her up and pissy because she thought it had woken her up too late. She’s also pissy because it rained last night and because it gets cold in the night and because just because. Shipping her back home tomorrow…

I have a language question. In Spanish, el sermón de las Siete Palabras is any sermon which centers on the sentence “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit”. Is there a name for those in English? I hate it when I can’t come up with a short way to say something :stuck_out_tongue:

No Easter-related aviation miracles for us this year; back to bed with me. Low ceilings / foggy out. :frowning:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 62 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 72 and rain/tstorms/apocalypse for the day. It does look like more nasty stuff will be here later this mornin’. We shall see.

Nava the closest I can come up with is “The Seven Words of Jesus.”

Sunny thanks. I’ve done the God Father thing several times. At my age now, maybe I should be called a Grand God Father. :smiley:

OK, that’s all I got. I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. At some point I must also purtify for deheathenization.

Happy Sunday Y’all! To those who observe…

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Hockey after work today

Happy Easter!!!

Nava, I’m not aware of any such thing.

Woke exhausted despite it being nearly 7. I hate when my dreams wear me out…

We watched 2 more episodes of House of Cards last night. It’s starting to became almost too twisted, but we’ll keep watching till (and if) it just becomes ridiculous. Claire is definitely no Princess Buttercup! :smiley:

We’ll be leaving for Mom’s by 10, I hope. It’s a 2+ hour drive and she’s planning the feed for 1 or 1:30. They’re threatening rain here but not there - here’s hoping I don’t have to drive thru precip. Not looking forward to the drive, but I haven’t seen my mom in several months, so this visit is definitely due. Plus, you know, Easter… :wink:

I never did drag the vacuum cleaner out.

Happy Easter! Eat the ears first!


also, Blurf!

Dang, rosie, that’s mighty ambitious for so early in the morning! I’m impressed! :smiley:

Mom, here are some cartoons for you!

I’ll be off to church in a little while. I have never, to my knowledge, missed going to church on Easter Sunday. When I worked in a hospital I’d trade Christmas or Thanksgiving to get Easter off. Even the year my dad had a heart attack on Holy Saturday, I was in church the next morning. At the time there was nothing else, or nothing better, I could do for him. He had a code blue pulled on him that afternoon, although I didn’t learn about it until much later. Dad said “I woke up and a nurse was beating on my chest, yelling 'Harold wake up! Harold wake up!”. I never felt a thing" My father was a man of faith, and said, “If I’d died that day, what better time to go?”

When I was a kid Christmas seemed like the bigger deal. It’s fun, it’s a party almost! Trees, presents, it was great. I made out like a bandit because my birthday is only six days after Christmas and I got an extra load of goodies. But as I got older Irealized Easter is more important. Christmas would not mean anything, or be remembered, if it wasn’t for Easter.

But I gotta admit I still love the Cadbury eggs and Peeps.:stuck_out_tongue:

OK, I have to come back for just a minute and ask, "Who ordered the snow on Easter morning?’

When I made my last post I hadn’t yet looked outside. There’s light snow on the trees and the ground. Sure, it’s been chilly and wet, but SNOW?

Happy Easter!

I have the lasagne in the oven and am ready to get in the shower.