Doctor tells Obama voters to get lost

This has already been brought up in at least one other thread, but I felt it deserves its own. Jack Cassell, M.D., a urologist in Mount Dora, Florida (nice town, kind of out in the sticks, and extremely red) posted a sign on his door telling Obama voters they weren’t welcome:

Now, I’m all for free speech, and I support Dr. Cassell’s right to express his opinion.

I’m pitting him because I think expressing his political opinion- especially an idea this controversial- on the door of his office is deeply unprofessional and speaks ill of the medical community.

I would say the same thing if he was a Democratic physician and he posted a sign saying similar uncomplimentary things about Republican voters.

The fact that you can act like a douchebag within the law does not necessarily mean you should.

Considering that health care is a matter of life and death, if he thinks that the legislation will lower the quality of care, then he’s talking about people being killed by this legislation. As a doctor, one can presume that he would have a very strong objection to people getting killed needlessly.

Apparently only if they didn’t vote for Obama…

He didn’t say anything about people being killed by his legislation. He just offered his patients a leaflet published by the Republicans.

In any case, there are a thousand different outlets through which he could make his views known. I do not believe his office is one where he should.

Now, I hold doctors to a higher standard of professionalism than I do most people, but it’s not particularly important that he’s a doctor. If my local grocery store posted a sign that said, “Republicans have destroyed the cabbage industry!” I’d be equally disgusted.

It’s really going to be funny when he loses patients because of this, then blames “Obamacare” for his loss of business. I don’t especially care what political stances my doctor holds, but I do tend to do business with people who can refrain from temper tantrums. This sort of thing speaks to a certain lack of control that I expect adults to have.

That is unprofessional as all get out. Politics don’t really have a place in a doctor’s office.

What’s he going to do when he discovers he’s treating a guy that voted for Obama? Make sure the catheter insertion hurts extra bad?

I saw this earlier on another site; my reaction is “meh”. I do think this is very unprofessional. In fact, it strikes me as rather childish.

I believe that this is a perfect opportunity for the mighty Invisible Hand. I know I’d be finding another urologist.

But he was the only one in-network…

What a giant load of shit.

But in the end I have to thank him for being the giant douche that helps flush the rotten vagina of society of all the goo rammed up there by the dicks who determine civil discourse.

There are so many things that should be wrong with this. Wasn’t there a pizza place a couple years ago that did something similar by saying, “English only.” I wonder how they’re doing.

It’s well beyond unprofessional; it’s flat-out unethical. And cowardly into the bargain, what with his weaselly claim not to be turning people away.

As I said in the Stupid Republican Idea of the Day thread:

How wonderfully ironic – a urologist who doesn’t know dick.

Well, turns out there was and it’s doing fine.

My prediction is that the magical hand of the free market will make this guy a star. If it hasn’t yet, the story will get massive coverage on Fox News, and this guy will be made the right-wing version of Sanjay Gupta. I look forward to having him tell us how great private health care is, and that vaccines cause Autism.

They’re still in business, but that doesn’t really tell us how they’re doing. Has business decreased because of their policy? Probably no way to tell without, at minimum, seeing their books.

I am kind of curious what an insurance company would have to say about this if he was the only in-network doctor for someone. It’s kind of difficult to argue that you haven’t turned someone away if you explicitly tell them “seek care elsewhere.” What kinds of rules about turning away patients do doctors typically have with the insurance networks they participate in?

Seems like consumers have a legitimate complaint against an insurance company whose contracted providers refuse service for spurious reasons, and thus the insurance company should have a legitimate complaint against the provider and boot him out of the network.

Well, he’s not turning anyone away. It’s not as if your 2008 vote is a matter of public record, nor do you have to tell him who you did vote for. He’s just being an ornery bastard.

The sign is turning people away, is it not? Just because he can’t really enforce it doesn’t mean he’s not telling people to take a hike.

I don’t believe a doctor should have the right to turn anyone away. I don’t even think this should be a free speech issue. A sign that says you will only accept a certain a certain type of people is discrimination. And, even if it’s not against a protected class, it’s still should be against his ethics as a doctor.

I’m all for going in there, finding what HIPAA violations he has (I’ve never seen a place in the sticks that didn’t have them) and roasting him alive.

Yeah, but I wear an earring. He probably suspects I voted for Obama anyway. That’s the last person I want with my johnson in his hands.

How is that a HIPAA violation? :dubious: HIPAA is all about the privacy of medical information. This has nothing to do with that.

Doctors can turn people away – recently I was refused appointments with two specialists, because I don’t have insurance, and they don’t take self-pay. But then, that’s not for an unrelated reason. Yes, I agree, it sucks – I had the money, and I was willing to pay upfront. But oh well. (Yes, I ended up finding a doctor)

This situation seems more like a violation of ethics, but I can’t see it having jack to do with HIPAA.

Piss on him.

Wow. What an obnoxious thing to do. I wonder if he’ll gain or lose business- I know I wouldn’t go to someone like that, if I had a choice, and I’d feel the same way were he telling McCain voters to get lost. But I’m sure there are people who’d see this and choose to go to his practice.