Doctor Who 4th June

What a pile of crap.

It was dull, uninteresting and slow. Nothing happened apart from more flirting between the characters and more sexual inuendo. Even the ending was contrived and star trekky with the Slytheen being devolved into an egg by the power of the heart of the TARDIS.
I think they have finally lost the plot. The whole thing reeks of soap opera rather than space opera. What were they thinking? Let’s bring back Mickey to turn a love triangle into a love square.

The only good part of the episode was when the Doctor finally picked up on the bad wolf motif that has been running through the series.

So at the end of the episode looking forward to the trailer for the “Bad Wolf” episode, what do I see? Robotic versions of Big Brother, The Weakest Link and a makeover programme, what shit! Even the presence of the Daleks lurking in the background doesn’t look like it can redeeem this ridiculous waste of my time.

Better that they had never brought it back. Thank you BBC for fucking up one of the few programmes that actually gives me a reason to own a tv.

I will probably watch the rest of the series just to see what happens, but I really think that they have finished me as a fan of the series.

I was prepared to write a post about sharks and jumping, but it turned out better than I feared. The farting alien stuff wasn’t played for slapstick and there was more exploration about the greyshades of morality. I also think next week looks like fun.

The only problemI had was all the touristy shots of Cardiff.

Let’s face it Cardiff is the most exotic location we have seen in the series so far. All of the visits to alien planets seem to take place off camera. Note in this episode references to an ice planet and a glass pyramid. At least the original series had them leave the earth, even if it was a quarry somewhere.

I’d like to say the episode has redeeming points, but I’ve yet to find them. Perhaps I should re-watch it when I’m in a better mood.

I missed this ep. and it sounds like I didn’t miss much.

There was a Dr. Who producer on Points of View last night talking about the final 2 episodes, starting next week.

Minor spoiler as to who appears in it LOTS of Daleks So I’m looking forward to that.

I’d like to think that would make it worthwhile, but the thought of the robotic reality tv fills me with dread. Perhaps its because I don’t watch BB etc normally so the idea of parodying (sp.?) it seems awful.

I will stick with it because of the Daleks, are they in the last two episodes or just next weeks?

If they are in the last ep. do you think they might get to actually cause the Doctor to regenerate by killing his 9th incarnation. If so this might be good, as far as I can tell the Daleks have never actually killed the Doctor.

But it’s BBC Wales who’s producing, so they basically just went downtown and put up a camera with some soft filter, giving it a look of American soap in the 80’s, and trying to make Cardiff seem like heaven on earth.
I agree that we spend too much time in contemporary UK though.

And yes, the episode was kinda boring, even if I didn’t find it awful.

Do you know, I really enjoyed this one. A bit of fun, some great lines, a confident feel to the Tardis Team (even including Mickey), some interesting interplay between Blon and the Doctor over dinner… I don’t know, I just liked it. It didn’t take itself too seriously and worked well. It’s not my favourite of the season, but I was quite happy with it.

The latest episode was a pile of pants. Reasons;

  • Dull, tedious scene where nasty alien tries emotional blackmail. Followed by another long, dull, tedious scene where alien tries emotional blackmail.

  • Captain Jack & the Doctor are apparently working up an entire camp comedy routine. As soon as one refers to the other as either “she” or “bitch” I am out of there.

  • Bloody awful “Deux Ex Machina” ending where the Tardis’ soul or something, stunning portrayed in special effects as a really bright spotlight, steps in to resolves everything.

  • Rose, who up until now appears to be surgically attached to her mobile phone, amazingly forgets all about it when looking for Mickey.

  • Flatulent alien, previously scary and fierce, is suddenly unable, or doesn’t think to, leave fatty body and kill people. The Doctor forgets all about this too.

  • Escape by surfboard?

  • What is the point of all the subtle “Bad Wolf” stuff, if you’re going to suddenly stop being subtle and whap the viewer over the head with it without explanation? “Look! We’ve been really clever about this up until now; but now we’re spelling it out for all you thickies! Have you noticed yet?! Pay attention! This is going to be very important later on!”

As I said; total pants episode. Worst one yet.

Next week will either be genius parody or even worse. There’s nothing worse than knowing parody that is totally unable to stand on it’s own two feet, depending so much on the viewer’s understanding and opinion of the parody target. I’m getting a sinking feeling.

There is plenty of different types of scenery in Wales that could be used for location filming, from the bleak remoteness of Anglesey to the mountains of Snowdonia. There are even a good number of quarried and slate mines that could have been used. I know they won’t be now as the series is already filmed but perhaps there’s hope for the second series, although given the current direction I’m seriously doubting it.

I suspect that any location filming in the second series will probably be in Canal Street in Manchester.

I’m getting bored of the fact that they are nearly always on Earth, however I still enjoyed the episode. There’s a lot worse on television at the moment.

Am I being really dense in not seeing any mention of Bad WOlf anywhere else in the episodes?

I disliked the episode and switched away several times.

They’ve been fairly subtle. Look here for a round-up.

I didn’t spot them. I only knew about them because it’s been mentioned on the SDMB.

Lots of discussion around Bad Wolf…