Doctor Who - last Christmas special

I haven’t seen much of this season. It’s all on the DVR.
I want my wife to watch one with me to see if she’d be interested in starting over (since the restart of the series) so we can watch them together.

Would the last Christmas special be a good one to get her feet wet? Was it a good one? Self-contained for the most part? It would be easy since its already recorded.

Definitely NOT self-contained–it only made sense in the context of the last two seasons.

Despite the presence of lesbian dinosaur detectives, I can’t recommend it as a series intro.

If you have it recorded, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is very representative of Doctor Who. It’s fairly light hearted and its a typical Doctor adventure. Very much a stand alone.

Same thing for A Town Called Mercy except its set in a Western town. Very unusual setting for Doctor Who but its a fun stand alone episode.

Both aired last Sept.

If you want to get introduced to the new Companion. These three will get you up to speed for the current season.

Asylum of the Daleks
The Snowmen
Bells of St Johns (just aired)

New companion! I’m really behind.

I do have Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Thanks for the input!!

Actually, to really make sense of it, you need to know something of the history of the series going back to 1968.

Ha. Then I won’t even completely understand it.

Sixty-eight? That’s five years too late!

But realistically, I can’t think of a good standalone since Christmas, 2011. Heart-tugging, a heroic Doctor makes everything better. Not a dry eye in the house. And then you can start over at Rose because the Doctor needs context; he needs history because he is history.

Not that far behind. Asylum of the Daleks introduced Clara (sort of…) but Amy and Rory were still the companions. Five episodes later, in The Snowmen, the Doctor found himself traveling alone, if one could call it traveling and met Clara for the second time (sort of…). These two episodes, plus the most recent one form a Clara trilogy of sorts. Each one is a self-contained story, more or less, so they have that going for them.

I would see no problem diving in with The Snowmen followed by Bells of St. John. I think every time a new companion joins the series is an ideal entry point for newbies because companions serve as our POV. The doctor has to explain to his new [del]pet[/del]companion how everything works. Bigger on the inside, time and space, yadda yadda.

Nah, I started with Eccleston’s first in 2005, and things made enough sense going forward. Sure there’s occasionally stuff I don’t know from the past mentioned or such, but they usually make sure to have it explained or in a context that you can still follow.

Not saying you have to start with Eccleston, mind you, just that you definitely don’t have to go back to the 60’s.

I think he was referring to the fact that the most recent Christmas special features a villain from the Old Who.

It does?

My lack of that knowledge didn’t hurt the episode at all, but I do think the episode required some knowledge of the current Doctor and what’s going on with him to get the most out of it.