Doctor Who Series Five: UK pace thread [edited title]

Interesting start with the new series. It was good in places.

Prisoner 1 was a little lame. He didn’t do much except show teeth. Not much of a threat to the Doctor at all. The giant eyeball ship was kind of cool.

I’ll keep an open mind. See how the series develops.

One concern is Matt Smith’s acting. The bit at the very beginning where he’s hanging from the Tardis. It wasn’t very convincing. He didn’t struggle like his life depended on it. I hope he puts more effort into the physical stunts later.

Overall, everyone seemed a little too calm about the threats. It made it hard for me to take it seriously either.

Don’t know about the new Doctor yet but holy crap am I digging the new companion. If that’s the way they grow them in Scotland I know where I’m moving to.

Pics of the new doctor and companion.
The last pic is NSFW and probably not from Doctor Who. Nevertheless it’s worth a look. :wink:

Yeah, baby!

I’m gonna have to play Doctor and Leela with the wifey again tonight.

Top marks all round. Not perfect, but close enough.

New music: I was sure I’d hate it, but I actually think it’s fantastic, and does a good job of injecting some fresh fun and vitality into what is by now a very old tune.

New Tardis: I can take it or leave it, but I didn’t mind the ‘wacky’ touches (hot and cold taps, classic typewriter). That’s just Moffat playing with the fact that the Tardis console can feature any ‘controls’ they want for all the difference it makes.

New Doctor: I was skeptical, but I think he’ll do well given time. I agree with the majority view that DT is a hard act to follow, but Matt has made a good start and certainly didn’t look daunted by the challenge. The two most important points are that he didn’t look like he was trying to copy anyone else’s approach, and he looked like he was having fun.

New Companion: I understand the ‘Phwoar!’ element among some fans, but she doesn’t have the sort of looks I go for. Personally, I wish Frema Agyeman was the companion forever and then some. However, looks aside, I thought she was great and brought a lot of personality to the role. Very good actress.

Plot: Wafer thin, to put it kindly, and really no more than a vehicle to get all the work done to set up the new series. But good enough for now.

One thing I did like was that the plot actually involved time travel in a significant way. There are often times when the writers seem to forget about this aspect of the show, so I always like it when they put it front and centre.

Kiss-a-Graham is that the same in the UK as America?

Dancer/stripper that is hired for birthdays and such? It’s usually a surprise for the guy she entertains.

I was hoping we’d seen the last of both them and the Cybermen for a while, but no, there they were, stinking up the trailer. That, and the damned sonic screwdriver. I really prefer when the writers don’t fall back on the same things all the time to get an easy exit out of a problem.

But I do have to say, I loved the introduction of the companion. Perhaps Caitlin Blackwood who played the young Amelia will have the same career path as Carey Mulligan.

yeah, guess so. It was the lined stockings and very short skirt that gave it away for me, so I wasn’t convinced even when she made the first ‘call to the sarge’.

Kissogram. And yes.

He must be, because she’s in most of the trailers, and in the official write-up for episodes 4 and 5.

He wasn’t lying. River Song is Moffat’s character, so he can bring her back and do with her as he pleases. Same with Sally Sparrow. But he won’t bring back Donna or Martha or Rose, RTD’s creations.

I believe there’s a small chance he might consider bringing Captain Jack Harkness back for a cameo, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Watched the first part (first 10 minutes), but subsequent parts hadn’t been posted. And this morning, those parts had been copyright locked by BBC. Grrr…

Same for me in Texas. And changing my time zone setting to London’s didn’t work. :frowning:

I really liked it. Very different feel and look from the RTD series. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.

Mr. Lissar is in fanboy thrill heaven. He’s been waiting anxiously for this since the second they announced the new Doctor.

BBCAmerica will repeat this episode in the U.S. Sat, April 17.

You can watch previews here. They play in the U.S.

I guess BBCAmerica will air all the episodes two weeks behind Britain. That’s a big improvement. It used to be 6 months behind.

“You’re Scottish- fry something!”
“You’re sitting opposite a man eating fish custard. I think that must be a scary crack in your wall”

My toddler just demanded to rewatch it. I like it even better the second time.

I still say it’s a lie, as his exact quote was “There are no past characters coming back in this series, but I imagine that kids would love to see Captain Jack meet the new Doctor.” The only way I could see it not being a lie is if the stuff he said before this established that he was not talking about his own one-off characters.

Found an online upload, finally!

Two thumbs up for Matt Smith! A worthy new Doctor!

It’s either a lie or a selective telling of the truth because Alex Kingston is there plain as day in the “coming up this season” trailer at the end of the episode.

Maybe all the old characters will only be shown in flashbacks. That way it’s not really a lie.