Doctor Who Season Season 11

I don’t see a thread to discuss the episodes.

Today is the premiere of Jodie Whittaker.

What’s your impression of the new doctor?

Chris Chibnall as the new show runner?

I’m not impressed that Chris Chibnall rehashed the Predator story. Couldn’t he have been more original with his first new season script?

Jodie Whittaker did a nice job. Reminds me of David Tennant’s doctor.

It’ll be interesting to see how the season goes.

Plot line fairly meh but the feel was good. So was the look.

Whittaker a bit too … earnest … and not enough of a sense of the disorientation that was being stated, or of the clicking. So far her affect seems a bit narrow in range. But she may find her footing.

Pacing also a bit too one speed trying to speed along.

Still hopeful. Whittaker succeeds at being a Doctor who happens to be female not the female Doctor, and that’s good.

It was fine but I hope it gets better.

I know better than to make a judgement on a regeneration episode. Too much needs to be established, especially when you’re establishing new companions.

That said, Whittaker seems interesting, even though she’s still feeling out the role.

The story was serviceable, but not outstanding. I’m interested in seeing more, but then it would take a lot to make me stop watching.

I think this is the first time they’ve aired it in the UK and the US at the same time. In previous years, I think the US airing was the same day, but in the evening.

And yes, I noticed the similarity to Predator (and oddly enough, there’s a remake of Predator in theaters right now).

I think Whitaker is off to a good start. I like that they aren’t doing quirky companions this time around and I am pleased by the diversity of them. Even the white man is older and they don’t seem to be going for ditzy grandpa or mean old coot stereotypes. Story was pretty bland but not so bad I am worried.

Oh the companions have lots of promise! And I liked the fact that Ryan still couldn’t ride the bike at the end with The Doctor looking on. Would’ve liked to feel more grief from Graham, more unmooring, but the character, an older man who may be a bit fearful in some ways but who is not afraid of strong women being in charge and is comfortable deferring to and being led by the strong woman, that’s a good part of the team. Grace primed these two males well for being with an adventurous woman in charge.

I agree.

I look forward to more Jodie (and I’ve been watching since the very first episode!)

I think this is a 2 part episode? Obviously there’s a story behind retrieving the TARDIDS.

I see real potential for delaying that for awhile. Focus a few episodes on the Doctor & assistants traveling on alien craft. Searching for her Tardis. There’s some great and original stories there to be told.

Predator guy seemed to beam away. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him again.

It’s cool having a Doctor that builds stuff. We haven’t had that since David T’s doctor.

Maybe its her accent, but was getting a nine vibe off her

conventional story with the tooth fairy scifi wise

Dont like that she talks too much and something about the end of the episode with the characters in vaccum, and they have to show a shot of jodi’s hair blowing, like there is a big fan somewhere on the set.

Could not figure out if she was trying to be the doctor , or girl genius the steam punk character.

A confident start. Things I liked:

  • Jodie. Oh yes, she’ll do.
  • The companions seem like a good mix. I only know Bradley Walsh from popular tea-time quiz show The Chase, but it’s good to have a grandad along for the ride, and he seems like a decent actor
  • The music is much less overwhelming now Murray Gold has gone. It’s way less orchestral, much more atmospheric
  • We still haven’t seen the opening credits yet, but judging from the end credits the theme music is way back to Delia Derbyshire. This is as it should be.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Eh, no I actually really liked this

Any thoughts on where that one bit of regeneration energy went? I was expecting it to go into Ryan to fix him, but that obviously wasn’t it (and it didn’t go into him anyway).

plot hole? I assume the new sonic is what let her disarm the DNA bombs, but I don’t think she had built it when Tim Shaw transferred from the tentacle thing?

I enjoyed it. A little sorry that Grace died, because I thought she was a great character, but her not featuring prominently in the promotional stuff as a companion pretty much telegraphed that.

Good Doctor, OK episode. I liked it, but it wasn’t amazing. I am glad to see the show relaunch itself, much like it had to do when Matt Smith took over. New Doctor, new companions, new show-runner.

No opening credits or theme? Weird. I don’t really know why they cut that of all things.

“Lots of planets have a North.”

Should’nt that be lots of planets have a scotland, anyways she sounded much different than when she did attack the block

She’s from Yorkshire, and she was using her natural accent as 13.

There’s something off about it. It lacked the
typical cheese factor until the alien took off its mask. Story plodded along and was very conventional. Jodies is erviceable but will take some getting used to. Typical Doctor zaniness felt a bit forced but I’m sure she will grow into the role. I think with some time travel it will feel a little more familiar for better or worse.

It’s a line from the first episode of the Ninth Doctor.

I think they chose Sheffield so that it would kind of justify her accent, almost as if where she first sets foot is what accent she’d have. Doesn’t really hold up as precedent, but sort of makes sense otherwise.

I want to say that there was a line about Tennant’s Doctor having an Estuary accent because he had “imprinted” on Rose. But really, variations in accent are no big thing for the Doctor. The accent has been Scottish twice, Estuary once, and Northern once before. No reason Yorkshire shouldn’t join the mix.

I liked the episode, though the plot was pretty derivative, without adding any sort of interesting spin that Doctor Who often tries to do when it borrows from other stuff. The companions were a good mix, and Jodie Whittaker seems promising.

I only watched the afternoon (in the US) airing, and haven’t looked at the “Extended Edition” that was broadcast in the evening. Has anyone seen that? Does it add enough new material to justify watching it?