Doctor Who: The Doctors revisted

Has anyone been following this series of specials? The next one is on April 28 on the BBC. This will be for the 4th doctor I believe. The series culminates with the 50th anniversary in November.

Yep. It’s pretty good. They have an hour or so of commentary from current show people, then show a “classic” episode with the featured Doctor. Personally I thought the eps they showed for Doctors 1 and 2 were kind of boring (I know, sacrilege!) but the Third Doctor’s wasn’t bad.

The story they showed with the first Doctor bored me to death. I didn’t finish. I did like the Cyberman second doctor show. I had never seen a Troughton episode before and I did like Jamie. The 3rd one is on the DVR.

The 1960s episodes were rather plodding. I think the show really hit its stride once the BBC started filming it. The UNIT episodes were great.

Does anyone know which fourth Doctor episode they’re showing?

Looks like it’s going to be “Pyramids of Mars.”

I’m just glad it’s not going to be the Fang Rock one–the one about the lighthouse. Apparently that’s considered one of the best, but I couldn’t even finish watching it, it was so dull.