Doctors, do you lose interest in sex from seeing all those naked bodies?

That’s pretty much it - after a long day of seeing people laid out in front of you, all buck naked, do you simply not want to see any more? After looking at naked titties all day long in a clinical setting, do you tend to lose your appreciation for them in an, um, artistic sense? When a nice little piece walks by, is your first reaction medical or the traditional hard-wired one? For OBGYN’s, for instance, does your work ever get to the point where you say “If I have to put my finger in just one more pussy today, I’m gonna scream”?

Just wondering, no reason. Thanks.

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samclem Moderator, General Questions

Consider what the average human looks like naked, and the answer will come to you.

The real world is not like what Tom Cruise’s character experienced in Eyes Wide Shut, with an endless parade of babes coming in for Routine Hotties Exams.

Of course, being a pathologist, the professional detached demeanor is even easier to acquire. :slight_smile:

I did OB for 7 years before giving that aspect of my practice up. And continued to do a lot of routine GYN for 13 years after that. And yes, I got very, very tired of doing pelvic exams, and foisted them off on my assistants where possible/appropriate.

And for me, seeing even the most attractive female bodies in a medical context long ago became either lust-neutral or a even real libido-killer for me (given the possible grossness factor in some exams).

However, I’ve not found this to be the case outside of work. Early on in my training, I learned somehow to compartmentalize that.

Nope. It’s all about compartmentalization.

Ok, I’m female so OB/Gyn never had any impact on my sex life with irishfella (other than making me really paranoid about birth control).

Doing rectal exams and catheterisations are not sexual, and the average medical patient is well over 60…if they aren’t, then embarrassment rather than lust is the primary emotion to be overcome.

Looking at naked hot people and my husband in particular, is in a totally different part of my brain from work stuff, so it just isn’t an issue. It’s not like the sight of a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead gives me PTSD flashbacks to sticking ECG electrodes on the chest of an 80year old man 4 hours earlier!

Nope, its all about her compartment.