Doctors have become the nanny police for the NFL?

Sigh. So it’s come to this? You take a hit on the field and some doctor throws you out of the game? The NFL’s Nanny police.

What’s really appalling is dragging them off the sidelines. Someone can’t play? Fine. Then at least let the guy stay with his teammates on the bench. You work your ass off all year and make the playoffs. Then some crybaby nanny wants to drag you off the sidelines?

Can you imagine playing in the Super Bowl? Often a once in a lifetime chance for many players. To be dragged off the bench and into a quiet room won’t go down very well.

This going to be fun having doctors play nanny on the sidelines.

Yeah, it’s getting so you can’t watch guys cripple themselves for life to entertain you any more. WTF is wrong with this pussy country? First the lions, then the gladiators, now football players…

Is this a joke? Have you not heard that the NFL is having a little bit of trouble with news stories about concussions and brain damage?

Somehow, I can’t get upset that doctors are prioritizing someone’s health over a football game. We should all be so nannied.

I have zero problem with doctors ensuring players are safe and correctly/carefully diagnosing injuries.

yes, this really is a serious health issue and I don’t fault the league for (finally) starting to take it seriously. I’m a big football fan, but if the game can’t be played without routinely causing serious injury to the players, then it shouldn’t be played.

I don’t object to not letting them play.

I object to dragging a guy off the bench and locking him into a quiet room. They want the guy to stay calm and not raise his blood pressure? Just try dragging him off the bench in a play off game or championship game. That will do nothing except infuriate him.

Why? Let’s stick with rational reasons, please. The point of the rule is to keep the players from going back into the game after concussions and suffering more serious injury. Just letting them stand there didn’t work on Sunday. So what’s your idea?

I don’t think the purpose of the “quiet room” is to avoid raising his blood pressure, but to reduce the amount of cognitive load on the brain. A damaged brain can much more easily be overloaded. I assume they think a relaxed brain might recover better (faster and more completely) from an concussion. I’m not a doctor, so I’ll assume they know what they’re doing.

Injured players have always returned to the sideline and sat on the bench. Unless the injury required a ambulance to the hospital.

Coaches control who enters the game. The coaches are told who is injured and can’t continue playing.

Apparently that didn’t get communicated Sunday. But thats very unusual. Coaches have dealt with game day injuries their entire careers. I don’t believe a coach deliberately sent a injured player into the game Sunday. Somehow the doctor’s order didn’t get to the coach.

When they’re able. By the way these rules have been in place since 2011.

I love watching people feel like their own manhood is being assaulted because a football player isn’t allowed to further endanger themself after a head or neck injury. Or when the NFL enacts a rule or policy in general meant to protect players.

I’m just remembering those miserable hot days of Spring and Summer practice. The hours in the weight room. All the sweat and shit I went through to make my basketball team. I can relate to the disappointment of these NFL guys.

Getting hurt and being told you can’t play is bad enough. I’ve been through that a few times. It’s part of life. But this quiet room rule is something else.

You’re imagining the disappointment and completely failing to understand the problem - and the fact that this rule is several years old.

I posted this in the thread on the divisional round playoffs as well. Suffice it to say that my opinion is different from aceplace’s.

The NFL has, as mentioned, run into a serious problem dealing with concussions, and they’ve made a number of rule changes to address that problem. They’ve come down hard on players who’ve violated the new rules. It’s time for them to come down harder on teams that do the same thing.

Coaches have started sending “packages” in for plays instead of relying on sending in individuals. A couple of miscommunications and someone who should be sitting out can slip in. Protect the players from themselves.

Yes, and coaches used to deliberately dehydrate their players during practices, as they believed giving them water was bad.

As always, we learn more and more about how to properly care for athletes. Defending old practices on nothing more than your gut feeling we’re “nannying” players is misguided, at best.

They’ve already recognized that concussions are serious injuries. A coach doesn’t send a guy back into a game with broke ribs. If a guy has a concussion then the coach can’t send him back into the game either.

They already have rules in place to protect players. What happened Sunday must of been some confusion on the sideline.

I was caught off guard by the quiet room rule. I should have taken a few minutes before posting. Sorry for the OP mini rant.

Because of the rules you are complaining about in this thread!

Or a guy who didn’t want to let a little knock on the head keep him out of a game he’d worked all his life to get to. Or a guy who wasn’t quite sure of everything that was going on, so he just ran out with the guys he knew he was usually supposed to go with.

Neither of those is an acceptable reason for a player with a concussion to be in the game, and they both would have been prevented by following the concussion protocol.