Dodger jersey at Angel game?

I am going to the Dodgers vs Angels game this Saturday in Anaheim and I am wondering how appropriate will it be if I decide to wear a Dodger jersey to the game. How many Dodger fans will there be in Anaheim this weekend?

You’re a Dodgers fan going to a Dodgers away game. Wear your jersey. Wear anything you want.

Just don’t wear a Giants jersey to a Dodger game.

Probably more than a few.

Really, despite the terrible incident at Dodger Stadium, that sort of shit isn’t normal in most ballparks. Baseball fans are decent and fair people.

Go ahead and wear your Dodgers jersey. Like RickJay said.

Quick story: I’m and Indians fan and one of my best friends is a White Sox fan. Several years ago we went to a game at Comiskular Park (or whatever they call it now) and he wore his Sox jersey and I wore my Indians’ shirt. Walking down the seemingly endless upper deck ramps after the game we came upon some loud drunk young men who seemed to be looking for trouble. My friend was worried for my safety and said, “just walk by”. Sure enough, one of the loud guys saw my shirt and yelled to me, “Hey Cleveland!”. Then he said, “GO TRIBE”. It turned out that these young tough drunks were MY young tough drunks. They were all from Cleveland and were in for the game too. :smiley:

It’s not like Angels and Dodgers are really rivals. Most of SoCal think of both of them as ‘home’ teams. And will continue until we meet in a World Series. Which will never happen.

Quite honestly, I’d feel less safe in reverse, wearing an Angeles jersey at Dodger stadium. Down in Anaheim, you’ll be fine.

Not quite the same, but I once wore a Washington Capitals jersey to a Anaheim Ducks game when the Caps were in town. There were a bunch of other people in Caps jerseys as well, and no one gave me any problems.

I’ve worn Oriole’s gear to a few O’s games in Anaheim. Never had any issues.

Actually, now that you mention it, I did as well once.

My husband wears his Dodger gear to Dodgers-Angels games (and his Indians gear to Indians-Angels games) with only good-natured ribbing on both sides.

I wore a Red Sox shirt to the old Yankee Stadium, and was harrassed by the guys behind in an unfriendly way. But what else did I expect?

Anaheim is one of the safest parks in the game and the crowd are mostly families; not homies. Wear the Dodger jersey.

What’s the point of going to a game – home OR away – if you aren’t going to wear your team colors? Go for it.

Orange County is vaguely civilized. Don’t worry about it.

Go, Blue!

I’ve seen Dodgers jerseys at AT&T Park, Yankees jerseys at Fenway, and once, hilariously, a Cardinals jersey at a Red Sox-Cubs game in Boston. Never saw anything more than good-natured ribbing. I think you’ll be OK.

I’ve worn my Yankees jersey at both CitiField and Fenway Park without any problems. For the most part, I see Red Sox fans wearing their jerseys at Yankee Stadium without any issues. As long you’re not disrespectful or obnoxious, you should be ok*. The most threatened I’ve ever felt was wearing my Devils jersey at a Toronto game. But I just happened to be sitting near the most belligerent Canadians I’ve ever witnessed.

*This recommendation does not apply to any arena in Philadelphia.