Dody Goodman Dies

Story here.

Though I hadn’t thought about her in a while, I loved her on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Ninety-two though, what a long life.

Wow, Dody, along with George Carlin – they’re dorpping like flies.

“When I hear music, I just can’t make my feet behave!”

RIP, Dody.

“Thinks she’s Tinkerbell”
“Hush, Sonny.”

I was beginning to think there was no love for Ms. Goodman. Many’s the night she set the tone for my late evening, with her plaintive, quavery opening of “Mary hartman, Mary Hartman?”

I did not know she started out in ballet, studying at the School of American Ballet and the Metropolitan Opera Ballet School.

Awww, she was such a sweet actress. I’m glad she had a nice, long life.

Og, I LOVE that play. It would’ve loved to have seen her in it.

RIP, Ms Goodman. Thanks for the laughs.


Wasn’t she on 70’s game shows? Match Game maybe?

Although I could have missed something, IMDB doesn’t show her appearing there.

Could you be thinking of Brett Somers , or Dodie’s one appearance on Cross Wits?

Shayna, I had totally forgotten I saw Dody in that. It was a hysterically funny production and cast, with Ms. Goodman’s impeccable comic timing in full force.

I don’t recall ever seeing Dody on Match Game, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

She was definitely on Game Shows, but I don’t recall which. Seems like I might have seen her on “Rhyme or Reason” for one. I think everyone did “Hollywood Squares” at one time or another.

See IMDB, the section labeled “Herself.” I only see Cross Wits listed as far as game shows. Like I said in the post above above, I could have missed something.

IMDB doesn’t always list all appearances, especially for older actors who don’t have a hugely enthusiastic fanbase.

And it’s notoriously lacking on game show appearances for a variety of reasons.

One of my favorite movie moments was with Dody Goodman and John Candy in ‘Splash’. Dody Goodman played a memory erratic secretary to on-screen brothers Candy and Tom Hanks, and in the favored scene, wore her bra outside her shirt. John Candy was hysterical trying not to stare in horror, and Dody Goodman was even better in her obliviouness.

Classic and unforgetable. R.I.P to both she and George Carlin, comedy has lost two diverse greats.

Yeah, she was on some game show or daily show back in the 70s – honestly, this is the only place I remember from. I can hear the announcer or host saying her name. Maybe it was “The Gong Show” or “Liar’s Club” or something like that.


Sir Rhosis

Liars’ Club is actually one of her credits that shows up on IMDB.

Is it perhaps Merv Griffin’s voice you hear introducing her? My vague recollection is that she was a frequent guest on his show.

Think I’ll get Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman from Netflix in her honor.