Does 1/2 olive oil + 1/2 corn oil = higher smoke point?

Need answer fast!

(God I love doing need-answer fast cooking questions ;))

As soon as the dishwasher gets done, I will set about trying to improve a dish that I have been cooking with olive oil by smoothing out the taste a bit by using some corn oil. It might have an added benefit in having a higher smoke point than olive oil, as I want to cook the onions and green peppers at high heat for a couple minutes and this might get the oil hotter. (Then again I don’t mind a little smoke as it seems to add to the flavor a bit if I keep it covered.)

So, if I mix olive oil and corn oil will it create a mixture, where the smoke point is between the two, or will the olive oil smoke separately at its normal temperature?

Why not just use corn oil to cook; olive oil to flavor after? This is what I do when I cook with butter.

I believe it should work fine. It is pretty common to cook in a mix olive oil in butter to cook higher temperature than the smoke point of pure butter.