Does _Spectre_ really, really suck, or am I just getting old?

See subject.

Couldn’t decide if this was a MPSIMS cry from the heart or a prelude to a Bond discussion.

And the Russia with Love retread scene in the train made it doubly sad.
Spoilers coming I guess.

It’s not just you; Rotten Tomatoes puts it lower than any of Craig’s other 007 outings.

Well, at least the first part of my OP is answered.

Based on my current “I’d hit that raw” thread in GQ I think I can extrapolate the answer to the second part.

False dichotomy. :wink:

Yep, it sucked pretty hard. Too bad.

The first scene that annoyed me was the videorecording of M (Judi Dench) telling Bond to kill a guy and attend the funeral. No investigation, no explanation. Just kill the bastard and see what happens.

It was like watching a senseless video game in which characters and plot take a very back seat to dumb action.

It sucked.

Given that the ultimate goal of the villain’s evil plot is to create a really inefficient, labor-intensive version of Google, it’s not surprising that this is basically the worst Bond film since Die Another Day or maybe even The Man With The Golden Gun. All the film is missing is an invisible car or a a villain “stealing” the secret to solar power. It does, however, have a ‘secret’ base (which is completely visible to satellite imagery) that is somehow constructed in the middle of a desert where the nearest transportation infrastructure is an abandoned rail depot and blows up for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and a villain whose’s ultimate plan is to…uh…blow up a building already scheduled for destruction, and totally failing to actually kill the single agent his organization has been following around the entire film and could have killed with a single sniper shot at virtually any time during the film.


Existing thread.

The consensus is that it sucks.

I haven’t seen it yet but I’ve heard from acquaintances that it’s really good, hard to believe anything could be worse than Quantum of Shitfest though.

I found it boring, myself, and altogether too much cobbled together from earlier films, as if Frankenstein’s monster had become a claims adjuster.

Firstly I agree with all these:

There were a few other retreads, e.g. the villain Mr. Hinx was Jaws (but less interesting.)

Quite so.

Yes, all the world-wide resources of Spectre were used to create a ‘secret’ base that one gunshot could blow up.

And some more:

  • why do Bond and Dr. Swann pack stylish evening wear for a train journey into a desert?
  • after the train is almost wrecked, why does nobody call the police?
  • why have a ghastly scene of a man poking out another man’s eyes?
  • how come Bond can shoot a helicopter out of the sky using a handgun from hundreds of yards away?
  • why does Q tell Bond his watch simply ‘tells the time’? It’s also a bomb!
  • why was Blofeld such a boring wimp? He didn’t even get any dialogue to match Goldfinger…

Oberhauser: Why did you come?
James Bond: I came here to kill you.
Oberhauser: And I thought you came here to die.
James Bond: Well, it’s all a matter of perspective. :smack:

James Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Auric Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die! :cool:

Q then says that it has “a rather loud alarm, if you get my meaning.”

Spot on, except The Man with the Golden Gun is not so bad. I find it more fun in its silliness, where I have less tolerance for it in the more seriously presented Skyfall and Spectre.

It really did strike me as a script that went through several sets of hands and no one sort of sat down and tightened up at the end. Too many items were disjointed and disconnected without resolution.

Also, as a pet peeve, why was Monica Belucci considered a ‘Bond Girl’? Simply because she’s a woman with a role in a Bond film? That’s foolish.

Which had me thinking it was a shock and awe type device. You know, like ear splitting emitter and maybe bright strobe.

I could see myself tossing it into crowd thinking it would disperse them, then looking in horror as bloody body parts went flying. :smack:

Maybe that’s why Bond drinks.

Well, it was good enough for Shakespeare on more than one occasion but I agree - too gruesome for a family film.

With Bond you want comedy deaths like the bowler hat or Goldfinger’s laser.

My parents saw it and walked out of the theater shocked.

My Dad, who has liked almost every Bond movie, thought it was terrible. He told me he turned to my Mom and said, “Wow…I think they did one too many with Daniel Craig.”

My Mom was being quiet because she thought only she hated it. She was so relieved my Dad had the same opinion.

Both very disappointed. They think Casino Royale with Craig is the best in the entire series and my Dad has been going to most of them since Goldfinger was in theaters.

Over the past several weeks I have seen the " Terminator"," Mad Max" and “Jurassic” Movies.
They all look great, but none of them have much of a story. This is the same thing.

Haven’t seen. Won’t see. I can’t even stand the stupid trailers on the TV. A fucking airplane zipping around after it gets the wings pretty cleanly torn off. Riiiiight.

All right, I’ll be contrarian again. I liked “Spectre,” and had a great time watching it.

And I’m old.