Does Abortion Really Hurt Women?

The answer is: “it absolutely does.” This question is not posed to stir a debate on religious or moral values. The sole purpose is to educate the public and let you debate about the many “unspoken” ramifications and everlasting conditions that are a-by product after having an abortion. I feel it is my duty and obligation, to publize the research and data I have obtained in effort to inform and try to save the lives of women.
You will not read hear any of what I am about to reveal to you by the abortion industry. The industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise with powerful lobbyists and they do not want you to be informed. Abortion is not the simple painless procedure that people will tell you. Abortion is not normal in the laws of nature. Abortion is not a miscarriage. Abortion does have side effects on women. New information is available almost on a daily basis. Do inform yourself with research before making any decisions. There are hundreds of complications. This partial list is based on a greater than 50% chance, suicide, cervical cancer, breast cancer, hysterectomy, placenta previa, pre birth in later pregnancies are some.
This following information will not be found on any web site or medical journal until late 2007. Over the next 20 years breast cancer will become the leading killer of women worldwide. While some may disagree it is attributable to abortions. John Hopkins University has also come up with similar findings. Another study shows it is safer for the health of women to abort the fetus after week 26. This finding especially affects pregnant girls who have not reached full maturity. The reason being the women body has already adjusted to the pregnancy an most chemical changes occur in the body in the first two trimesters. Prior to 1973 estimates in the U.S. range between 5 and 10,000 women dieing yearly through illegal abortions. That number has now more than tripled since legislation. The abortion itself will never be put on the death certificate but only the cause of death. Hemmorrhaging, perforated uterus and intestines are the main causes.

CONCLUSION:  Protect your children or loved ones.  If you are pregnant, know someone especially a young pre-teen, friend or other family member who is considering abortion as and option please follow these simple directions. 1)  Make the final decision on your own.  Do not let anyone influence your decision be it your husband, boyfriend or any other family member or friend.  Your decision is something you will carry for the rest of your life.  Many women carry abortion as a hidden stigma similar to rape victims.  2)  Seek a competent qualified gynecologist and ask questions of the side effects you many encounter in life.  Get a second or even third opinion on these questions.  3)  NEVER under any condition have and abortion at and abortion clinic.  The medical expertise in most clinics is to kill life not save it.  If a problem arises during the procedure they will rush you to the nearest hospital for care.  The facilities are not as clean as most hospitals infections are very common.  Many women suffer horrifing deaths due to botched abortions.  THE CAUSE OF DEATH IS NEVER LISTED AS AND ABORTION UNLESS LEGAL ACTION IS TAKEN AGAINST THE CLINIC. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE BELEIVE ABORTION IS SAFE.  4)  Think carefully about the decision you make the life you save may be your own.

Why is that?

Why will people disagree and why are they wrong?

All medical procedures have some risk of complications that must be weighed against the desired result. If you have some information indicating that abortion is vastly more likely to lead to harmful complications than is currently believed, can you link to it or at least describe it more specifically?

I’d ask for a cite but first I’d have to understand what the hell you mean by this.

What legislation?

…and this is whose fault, now?

Many? Wow! Such stunning use of irrefutable statistics! I’m convinced!

Maybe I speak only for myself here, but I find nothing so convincing when discussing a controversial topic as unsourced assertions and non-specific references to research that is not publically available. The use of all caps at the end just clinches it for me.

See, what you do is create a post like that, and then reference it in other forums as a cite. (heh!)

Corrolation does not equal causation. It could be that women who have abortions are statistically more likely to have other risk factors which contribute to health problems.

But folks, he’s a docto! We have to listen to him!

On the other hand, “you make the final decision” is good advice in pretty much any situation, so you have to give him that. Regarding his unsourced facts, however, there’s no point in adding any more requests for citations or indications as to where the docto got his information.

According to this, recent medical studies have found no link between abortion and risk of breast cancer. And in terms of psychological aftereffects (which would be more plausible), even the existence of post-abortion syndrome is disputed by many doctors, and it has not been included as a psychiatric condition in the DSM-IV-TR.

Even asking this is probably a quixotic effort, but . . . cite?

I think you meant to say, “But folks, he’s a docto! We have to liste to hi!”

The Docto is in!


I will speak up, loud and clear. I don’t think the OP has a grain of sense in his head but I think it’s my responsibility to speak of my experiences.

I had an abortion when I was 20. That was…1995.

It hurt like the devil, first of all. I’m not going to deny that one bit. But I have never once regretted my decision.

When I had my abortion it was $300. I don’t see how anyone could make a great big profit off that. My then-boyfriend and I each put in half the money, and paid for it.

I got pregnant because of total lack of any kind of sex education. I barely knew what a condom was, and we’d only had sex a couple of times when I caught. Not an excuse, just an explanation. I’d been raised extremely conservatively.

There were NO complications other than some residual soreness. There are **not **lasting effects for every woman. Like rape, abortion carries with it so much stigma in the eyes of people that people are hasty to say “It’s going to bother you for the rest of your life” when in fact, it may not at all. And then you’re made to feel guilty for not feeling guilty.

When I went to get my abortion - first trimester, although I don’t remember exactly when, it was so long ago - i went to a Planned Parenthood Clinic. Rather than being cruel or unclean, they were extremely kind and competent. They educated me on both aspects. They gave me several brochures on adoption clinics. They gave me three counseling sessions, and sent me home after the last one to think on it. All for my $300.

I will be forever grateful to Planned Parenthood for helping me - they’re one of my designated charities - and for making the experience go easy.

I am certainly not saying my experience is indicative of the world’s but perhaps at least some parts of it should be. I want people to make their own choices with ALL the information available to them, and one of those things should be - it’s not necessarily a horrible traumatic experience. And if it isn’t to some young girl out there, she shouldn’t be made to feel horrible because she didn’t grieve over what was never a baby to her.

I’d be glad to answer other questions about my experience - including why I felt I had to, if that comes up.

So–“publize the research and data” you’ve obtained.

With cites, please.

(If you ever return to this thread.)

I don’t want to float this [expletive deleted]'s drive-by thread by hijacking it, but if you were to start an “Ask The Woman Who Had An Abortion” thread, I would admire and take advantage of your willingness.

I’ve noticed that it is one of the few “uncharted territories” in the world of Ask The…

Way ballsey.

The first post is a heaping pile of feces, but I think one thing needs to be pointed out. There’s no question that abortion is something that ought to be avoided, and I’ve never heard a reasonable person suggest otherwise. The reason we say “pro-choice” rather than “pro-abortion” isn’t just political, it captures the essence of the argument. Abortion is not desirable, but it is a choice that should not be taken away from women.

The argument is not “Abortion doesn’t hurt women”. The argument is “Women must be allowed to choose abortion if they feel they need to.”

Abortions don’t hurt women, silly. They tickle.

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I’d like to give the claim to breast cancer more attention that it deserves.

When a woman is pregnant, her body is subject to a host of hormones and proteins, both of her own making and of her developing embryo’s. Anyone who’s been close to a pregnant woman can surely regale us with the fun things these can do to the expectant mother. Some of these factors, in certain conditions (one I recall off the top of my head is age, they only seem to have any effect on younger women), have been shown to lower the chances of developing breast cancer later in life. As far back as the 17th century people noted that nuns seemed more prone to breast cancer than the overall female population.

However, if the pregnancy is not carried to term, that is, if there’s an abortion or miscarriage, the woman doesn’t receive the full dosage of these substances. She therefore doesn’t get the lowered chance of cancer, but is in the same place she would be if she was never pregnant at all. It’s not an increase in cancer, it’s the loss of a decrease in cancer.