Does afternoon sun energize you?

Read in Yahoo news years ago, of doctors advising professionals to sun themselves for 5 to 10 minutes after lunch. This will make them more energetic in the afternoon, avoiding sleepiness, coffee, or even the 20-minute nap. Is our built-in “solar cell” that effective?

The mechanism here isn’t the sunlight as such, but convincing your brain it’s daytime by going somewhere bright enough. A good lamp would achieve the same effect.

Derleth, exposure to the sun in safe amounts does have physical and psychological benefits though, does it not?

Me, no. I’m being treated for fatigue and headaches caused by afternoon sunlight.

New glasses stopped the headaches, fatigue still kicks in every day ~2pm.

Yes, at least to the extent it aids in Vitamin D production and especially if you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (in which case you have a sun lamp, which mimics sunlight better than most artificial lighting).

That said, using the sun as a quick pick-me-up is all about the effect light has on the sleep cycle.