does anthrax exist naturally in nature?

you never hear of people dying of anthrax unless there is some accident or a deliberate release of the stuff. is it a man made bacterium and if not why is it not very common?

I don’t have all the facts on it but yes it does occur in naturale settings. Inhaled anthrax was originally referred to as Woolsorters Disease because it would be in the wool that they took off the sheeps and such. You can also get cutaneous (which is relating to getting it in a cut) and gastro-intestinal anthrax. I think there is one more form but I’m not sure what it’s called.

I don’t know whether or not it’s common but it takes a good amount of the “spores” of it to cause you problems from inhaling in. Also it should be noted that in the vast majority of causes of anthrax people don’t die, that is if they don’t play around and get to a doctor in time.

Also as was discussed in my Healh Science course the the other day and I quote my professor fully “There are about 5 cases of anthrax that occur natually in the US each year”. While it isn’t alot it still happens. And there was an outbreak during 1979-1980 in mid-Africa (can’t remember the exact coutry) where there were about 6,000 cases of anthrax.