Does any here know anything about how to build a robotic arm using 8051?

OK This is what I have fugured till now. Mainly I’ll need 3 - 4 really good stepper motors. An interface between the chip and the motors and lot of hard work!

Now what I need is something to get started with. So if anyone can direct me to a site or provide me with a intefacing diagram between a 8051 and the motors along with a program to execute it would be great!

If you have any questions kindly post and i’ll readily answer!

PS : I need to use a 8051 chip !

I checked both National Semiconductor and Texas Intruments for a “8051” and got nothing. Maybe you can be a little more specific.

It’s an Intel microcontroller. The 80x prefix is a good clue that it’s Intel, usually.

Here are pinouts for various chips, the 8051 included.

As for the more specific stuff, I’m not getting good results with Google. I’m sure someone else will be along soon.