Does any V.P. have a library?

I was thinking about Dan Quayle. Does he has a vice presidential library? Does any V.P. have a library? (Of course, not counting the Veeps that went on to become President.) I need the straight dope.

A couple years ago there was a move toward establishing a Hubert H. Humphrey Museum in his hometown, Waverly, Minnesota. The project ended because they could not raise the needed funds. See Museum Project Announcement.

There isn’t a Vice Presidential Library that is affiliated with the National Archives, however a recent executive order signed by Bush now includes all Vice Presidential papers as property of the Federal Government.

John Nance Garner has a museum in Texas. Henry Wallace’s paper are at Iowa State University. Alben Barkley’s papers are at the University of Kentucky.

You can probably look around on the web and find where other VPs have their papers stored.

Many of Hannibal Hamlin’s papers are at Bowdoin.

I’d go there just to see his bucket of warm piss.

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And, of course, several VP’s who became President have their VeePidential papers archived along with their Presidential ones. Truman and Johnson are obvious examples. Nixon, Ford, and Bush I are other VPs who became President, though I don’t recall offhand whether they have libraries as yet.

Nixon, Ford and Bush all have Presidential libraries

Nixon (private, as I recall, since he resigned they didn’t want to burden the taxpayers?)
The Archive’s Nixon materials


Bush (41)