Does anybody do this anymore?

Are there any of you out there that do model railroading? If so, what scale would you recommend. For me, space is a concern and it is a toss up between HO scale and N scale. Any suggestions? Thanks

If space is a concern then N is your obvious choice. But if you plan on bigger and better things, like finding more space, HO is the way to go.

I used to have a small HO scale set. I don’t have the space for even N-scale anymore. As for scale, HO is the standard, and you’ll find the most engines, rolling stock, and models in that scale. N has a pretty good following, though, and if space is a really big concern, you’ll still find alot of stuff in N-scale.

You can have my HO’s if you pay postage. They’ve collected dust for 20 years now.

We’ve still got an N scale set up packed away somewhere in anticipation of a future kid we can pass this along to. It’s true that HO definitely has more variety and is the VHS version of model railroading to the N-scale Betamax, but you can find a lot of specialty sites on the Web where you can get specialty N-scale stuff (though I am too lazy to provide any right now). If space is the issue, definitely go N scale because if you find out your are actually really into it, and you go HO, you’ll quickly have to start to start parking your car outside because it will take over your garage like a bad disease.

I put my HO Train on, made a ton of money.