Does anybody else have a problem with Netflix's audio?

All summer long, I’ve been attempting to watch Netflix shows. I made it through “Stranger Things” but gave up on “Longmire” simply because I could not HEAR what was ever being said.

Initially, I thought the problem was the AC going full blast (it being close to 100 F even in the evenings.) Even with the volume up on max, I was straining to hear.

After the weather cooled off and I didn’t need the AC, I realized I was still straining to hear through my headphones. I bought a new set, but nothing doing.

Then, I was chalking it up to lousy audio of my off-brand pad I was using (an Acer – I was desperately poor last year when I had to buy one.) But last night, I was looking at some youtube videos and almost went deaf with the sound of people speaking in a normal tone of voice.

On a hunch, I checked out the documentary “Room 327” on youtube. I had previously tried to watch it on Netflix, but could not hear it. Sure enough, with my audio set at the midway point, I could hear it very well.

So it seems to be a problem solely with Netflix. Does anybody else run into this?

Not as extreme as yours but I have to at least double the volume selection when watching Netflix through my TV App.