NetFlix audio volume

Not sure if there is gonna be an answer to this, but I’ll start in GQ.

I’ve got a VIZIO TV set up with surround sound. It’s not that high-tech, but IMHO a pretty good system.

I’ve noticed that the audio volume for Netflix is maybe a 1/10 of what it is for DVD’s or my DirecTV channels. To the point that I have to have the volume on full to hear it. And even then it’s too soft.

This is on all Netflix channels, and seems to be recent (I rarely watch Netflix)

Full volume on anything else, will drive you out of the room.

Anyone else experience this?

Not specifically, but my experience with firmware on TVs is that they are just awful. Which is why I got a desktop connected to my TV in the living room.

For your problem I’d suggest:
Uninstall/reinstall Netflix
Look for any updastes
Look in menu and see if there is any master volume options.

Do you have volume issues on other streaming services?

Not an explanation, but I have the same problem when watching Bluray or DVD titles on the Sony Playstation I have attached to my TV. I have to turn the volume way up, and then turn it down when I return to watching cable TV.

I’ll check the above. And I don’t use any other streaming services.


I stream Netflix, Prime, HBO Now, etc through a Roku connected to my Vizio and a 5.1 system. I don’t have sound level issues with any particular channel, but I do have to turn up the volume on some older shows and movies sometimes.

This is a pretty common problem, but I’d appreciate a bit more information before I could offer suggestions. Could you describe your set-up in more detail? For example, are you using the VIZIO internal firmware to play Netflix? And are you using external equipment (i.e., a DVD/BD player and DirecTV receiver) to play other sources? How are the external devices connected to the TV? What kind of 5.1 system are you using and how is it connected? What model VIZIO is it?

I’m going to take a wild guess that you are using at least two external sources connected with HDMI to the TV. Maybe your audio output to the 5.1 system is TOSLink or digital audio?

There are so many variations that it would be pretty fruitless to speculate without additional info.

TV is VIZIO M550SV. Surround Sound is VIZIO VHT510. ‘TV’ input from DirecTV. DVD is box stock Philips cheapo.

Layout is pretty simple.

DTV to TV - coax.
TV to Sound bar - RCA
DVD to TV - coax

Belay that. DVD to TV RCA. Got interrupted. Gonna disconnect everything and re-connect. Perhaps a weird static problem don’t know.

When you say DTV to TV is coax, you mean that you are transmitting to a TV antenna input on a specific TV channel?

And the DVD to the TV is using three RCA cables (L audio, R audio, and composite video)?

Just trying to make sure I understand correctly that you are using three entirely different sound sources…audio riding an antenna input, analog audio on two separate analog inputs for stereo, and the internal Netflix viewing firmware?

One surprisingly common problem I’ve seen is when only the center channel is being fed to the amp/speakers for one source. Conversation is at decent volume, but music and background audio are very low. This can be a result of several different settings and/or another problem.

I got it fixed.

Deep in the TV’s menu under audio controls, there is an option to set analog audio to fixed. It was on variable. Setting it to ‘fixed analog’ fixed it. I never changed it, must have a mind of it’s own. Anyway every thing seems to be working now. Both for DTV and Netflix.

I have no idea what they mean by ‘fixed’ or ‘variable’. Other than setting it to variable screws things up. A poor option IMHO.

Thanks for help and suggestions. Gremlins are everywhere.