Roku system sounds during podcasts

I hope I’m describing this correctly. It’s either a known thing or I need medication and a soft bed.

While listening to podcasts (iHeartRadio or Tune In) on my Roku TV I hear every couple minutes or so the 2-tone “Roku menu sound”. I don’t hear it when streaming any channels or radio stations.

It’s the high - low sound when selecting an app, etc. It doesn’t overtake the audio, it’s like a background noise.

Any idea what it is? I thought it was a failed download for an update but that doesn’t seem to be it from what I can tell.

I might be wrong, but I think you can control the volume of Roku system sounds in the settings (or at least toggle them on and off). If you turn the Roku system sounds down does this issue persist?

I haven’t tried that yet. It’s not that it’s overly annoying and I barely notice it, rather it’s a curiosity thing. I get bugged when I can’t figure something out.

I thought today maybe it’s a system announcement of updates to the other casts I subscribe to. Seems logical but now I’m set on finding out exactly what it is. To the point of maybe emailing Roku tomorrow.

Yes. I have a lot of free time at night. Why do you ask? :grin: