Does anybody else have a psycho neighbor that beeps horn every day?

We live on a truck route, so our mornings are never classified as “quiet”. The triplets next door started doing the “Honk! Honk!” motion to the passing trucks. I’ve already been up for hours by then, and I found it to be sweet and nostalgic. I mentioned it to their mother and she was horrified. They stopped doing it. :frowning:

Well, I still have the neighbor that I pitted recently–the one with the overly sensitive car alarm.

So far I’ve left 4 notes on his windshield (heh–just putting the wiper down to hold the note sets the damn alarm off)

The full-blown siren/whoops have gone down in frequency, but the chirp chirp chirps continue on a regular basis.

I have neighbors who have someone who comes over almost everyday and beeps the horn. It’s not late at night but my dog must always bark at it. I too have felt compelled to go out and ask if they have a damn cell phone and could just call them instead. For that matter they often seem to get out of the car to help the person being picked up load up their stuff so why the hell not just go to the door?