Turn off your car alarm, dammit!!!

It appears I have a new neighbor. A neighbor with a late model Toyota Tacoma. Red. License 8M4***66. With a car alarm. That goes off TWENTY TIMES A DAY. Morning. Noon. Night. WTF good is that, except to annoy the hell out of everyone? :mad:

Every time a loud motorcycle or big truck goes by, it triggers one of two alarms. The lesser of the evils is a * triple chirp*, and then there’s the full-blown siren/whoop/triple-chirp combo.

There are several apartment complexes around here, so I have no idea who owns the truck. The police won’t do anything. I put a polite note on the windshield, but I don’t have high hopes. I have to start planning my next move. (nothing illegal, of course…)

It sounds like his shock sensor(s) on his alarm are being triggered by vibration. My old car had an alarm that would go off when a thunderclap would hit hard enough, or if a very loud Harley rapped his throttle right next to the car.

IIRC, that sensor has a sensitivity setting that can be adjusted. It causes the alarm to trigger if, for instance, the window gets smashed in.

Perhaps if you get a chance to talk to him/her you can mention that.

I’m no electrician, but an alarm going off constantly like that could start a fire…:wink:

Doesn’t something like that violate the local noise ordinance? So call a cop. Ask them to have the car towed – that should get the owners attention.

The police won’t do anything if the alarm is not sounding when they arrive. The “auto-retire” option must be set, as it will go quiet after 20 seconds or so. I called 311 (non-emergency police line)-- they told me to put a note on the windshield.

Then make the alarm sound when they arrive.

Attach the note to a large rock first :smiley:

I think they should bill car owners for false alarms like they do with home alarms/fire alarms. It would still mean the cops would have to come out and witness it, though. Fines should be double if the alarm system brand is garishly displayed on the window.

At least it shuts off after 30 seconds. Our neighbors had an alarm they couldn’t figure out how to turn off it seems (IQ challenged I guess). It would blow for 5 - 10 minutes sometimes!! Then their house burned down, (they lived) and I think they had to get rid of the evil car to help defray emergency costs.

There was a car on my street in NYC one night whose alarm went off every time another car drove by. All night long, and it was one of those ten-tone alarms that cycled through its song for three minutes each time.

By morning, the windshield was covered with stuck paper and post-it notes in reverse politeness order. You could see the tempers getting worse like rings on a tree as the pile got deeper.

My favorite part was the leftover Mexican food. Somebody just plopped their former chimichanga on there like a pie in the face, took the tin, and left this perfectly circular mass of congealed beans and cheese right where the driver’s face would be.

I’m pretty sure the police were called but they sure never towed it or disconnected the alarm. This may have been before the three-minute law was enacted in NYC. This may have been the reason the three-minute law was enacted in NYC.