Does anybody have any interesting votes this year?

There is really nothing interesting in Colorado’s vote this year. We have the traditional, boring anti-growth, and school funding stuff, and combined with the Presidential stuff, I’m going into the booth this year with a raging sence of apathy.
So does anybody have anything interesting to vote on? Is anybody voting between the mayor’s former mistress and a Transvestite? It there anywhere it looks like the KKK member is going to eek out a loss running unopposed? Is there a dead puppy meat for School lunch inititive in your district? Other than the dead guy running in Missouri is there any thing interesting to vote on anywhere?

We had something here that was phrased backwards:

It asked, do you NOT want to vote for such 'n such a bill. It sounded like they were trying to trick me into voting for it so I said YES.

We have one vote to decide if prostitution will stay legal in certain areas. That one is turning out just about like you would expect. Prostitution is going down (pun intended)! Too bad.
The one that is just killing me is the amendment about changing the law that makes interracial marriage illegal. It still is here. I thought it was one of those things that they just never took off the books. Surprise, surprise. It is acutally running about half and half. :o
I thought for sure this would be a given (to make it legal, of course)! I will keep you posted if it loses.

I just voted down converting our last green hill into a golfcourse/ cemetery/ ant-hill of condos.

That better fail! What were they thinking? That no-one would notice only the greed-heads would make out in the deal?

I guess the cemetery part was to get the geezer vote.

Oregon has twenty-six state initiatives on the ballot, including one to prohibit making the initiative process more difficult, except by initiative. Gotta love that. :slight_smile:

My <sarcasm>favorite</sarcasm> is Measure 9, which:

“Prohibits public school [including community college] instruction encouraging, promoting or sanctioning homosexual or bisexual behaviors,” and sets up sanctions for schools that do this, which include loss of state funding.

And who gets to decide whether or not the school is encouraging, promoting, or sanctioning homosexual behavior? A bunch of yahoos who call themselves the Oregon Christian Alliance, whose literature indicates that they condemn AIDS education and suicide prevention programs because they sanction homosexuality.

Not to offend anyone, but I think that’s pure evil.